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Gift Wrapping Tips

Gift wrapping can be about as important is the gift itself. Oddly shaped gifts, heavy gifts, and even brightly colored packaging can all play an important part on what wrapping paper color, gift bags, gift boxes, and even cloth wrapping to use. Read through these tips and find the best way to

Holiday Gift Wrapping Tips

Communion/Baptism Gift Wrapping A common theme for first communion or baptisms is the color white. Get some white wrapping paper to convey a sense of purity and cleanliness. Typical gifts for communions and baptisms are jewelry such as crosses. It is a good idea to coordinate the gift wrapping color with the color of the […]

Tips on Crafting Your Own Gift Wrapping

Eco-friendly gift wrapping For anyone who always has green on the mind, eco-friendly gift wrapping may be the solution to green gift wrapping. With wrapping paper being blamed for a 25 percent increase in curbside trash during the holiday season, the following tips are designed to help you use and find the best environmentally friendly […]

Creative Gift Wrap Tips

Add origami to gift wrapping Origami is the art of paper folding. Origami may have originated in the seventeenth century A.D. Origami masters can make gorgeous works of art with paper. For example, you can find origami pieces intricately shaped like people, swans, trees and more. One popular origami figure is the crane. Cranes are […]

Gift Wrap Storage Tips

Storing wrapping essentials There are dozens of events a year that require giving gifts and thus, gift wrapping. This includes holidays such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Hanukkah, birthdays, graduation, anniversaries and more. One way to save time on gift wrapping is to store all of your gift wrapping essentials in one place. Then you will […]

Tips on Gift Wrapping Supplies

Seasonal stickers Fun for both kids and adults, seasonal stickers can make for some great embellishments when looking for decorations. With designs that feature Christmas snowflakes, religious images, birthdays, congratulations and almost anything else you can think of, vinyl stickers come in a wide variety of shapes and colors suitable for almost any occasion. Not […]

Top Gift Wraping Tips

Using old clothing as wrapping paper We all have a few items hanging in our closet that should no longer be there. Whether they’re stained, torn, or the remnants of a previous fashion trend nightmare, there’s a better option than just throwing these clothes away. Save money, and the planet, by transforming old clothes into […]

Christmas Gift Wrapping Tips

Wrapping Kids Presents Kids appreciate wrapped gifts more than anyone else. If you think about it, adults might be more likely to appreciate the outside and the love you have put into your wrapping, whereas kids are just craving to see what they’re getting. So in the end, even if you have spent a lot […]