Gifts for Men

If you are looking for the perfect gift for men, whether he’s a man’s man or a sensitive type, get some good gift ideas with this extensive resource. Our tip center guides you through your research of finding the perfect gift by giving you the best ideas for your husband, boyfriend, grandpa or dad.

Personality Based Gifts for Men

Personality Based Gifts for Men
The best presents are those that show that the gift giver thought about what the receiver would really enjoy. Choosing a gift that is based on a person’s personality shows that you really care and put thought into gift. Get a few ideas on what gift would suit what personality type below.
  • For an outdoor guy who’s into hiking, hiking rucksacks, boots, navigation systems or compasses are all applicable.
  • Athletic guys will appreciate sports equipment or workout gear. Another option is tickets to his favorite sporting event or even an autographed picture or applicable sports item of his favorite athlete.
  • For a musician, musical instruments, tickets to see his favorite singer or band in concert would make his day.
  • A wine connoisseur would really appreciate a fine bottle of wine, or even an all day pass to wine tasting events in the area he lives.
  • For a gamer, get him the latest game that he’s been dying to get his hands on. You can also get him gaming equipment like a new attachment for a Wii.
  • A guy who’s into cars will appreciate a gift certificate to his favorite car part provider. Car accessories are another option.

Budget Friendly Gifts

Budget Friendly Gifts
In these hard economic times, buying costly gifts just might not be a feasible option. However, if you find yourself in a pickle, there are still plenty of options. You don’t have to stick to homemade products either! Check out our tips below to get an idea of the options you have.
  • Libbey glass beer mug and a bottle opener are budget friendly and fun items a guy who enjoys a drink now and then is sure to like.
  • Shaving kits or a grooming kit is a practical present that can be useful for a guy who likes to travel or to keep at the office.
  • A good book is nice yet budget friendly gift. Bonus points for gifting a book that you have previously recommended to him.
  • For a handy man a small tool box is a nice way to get him something that he’ll utilize without breaking the bank on expensive tools.
  • Tickets to a movie that he’s been dying to see an inexpensive way to show you care.
  • If you need to buy a gift for a tech guy but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, go for cases like a laptop case, cell phone cover or camera case.

Gifts for Your Brother

Gifts for Your Brother
He might be a pest or he maybe your best friend, either way we all love our brothers. So when it comes to buying him a gift, you want to find the best one you can. Brothers usually aren’t too picky when it comes to gifts and depending on his personality there are tons of options. Need some help? Read the tips below before heading to the store, or combing the internet.
  • For a brother who doesn’t like to shop, any type of clothing from basket ball shorts to a levis shirt red plaid would be a welcomed gift. Baseball caps or hats are also a good present.
  • Guys can always use necessities like socks, shampoo, razors, shaving cream, hair products and more. Combine a few of these and put them into a gift basket.
  • Any brother would greatly appreciate a subscription to Maxim magazine or any other men’s magazine.
  • For a brother that’s in college or a bachelor out on his, bedding or products for the home would be useful.
  • A gym membership is the perfect gift for a brother who likes to stay fit and healthy. Another great gift would be exercise equipment.

Gifts for a Male Coworker

Gifts for a Male Coworker
Buying a gift for a coworker can be a bit tricky as it must be appropriate and stay within company policies. While you can go with a gift that’s suited to his personality, gifts for coworkers should be as generic as possible. Stumped on just what to get your male coworker? Read our tips below to get a few ideas.
  • Gift cards or certificates from his favorite store are easy, safe and convenient. This way he can pick out exactly what he really wants.
  • For a movie buff, a DVD or a movie subscription would be perfect. For music lovers a CD or iTunes gift card would be greatly appreciated and used.
  • For a sports fanatic, any type of sports paraphernalia of his favorite team would be appropriate.
  • For a busy colleague who’s always on the go, a daily organizer to record all his appointments and more would be ideal. Another nice present would be a pen set or monogrammed stationary which he can keep at work.
  • Gift baskets are always an appropriate gift for a coworker. Fill it with his favorite food items, candy or fruit.

Gifts for Grandpa

Gifts for Grandpa
Buying a gift for grandpa may not seem that hard as he would probably appreciate just about anything his grandchild bought him out of love. However, it would be lovely to buy grandpa something he would actually use. Read the tips below to get an idea of what to get your grandpa before you head out to the stores.
  • If your grandpa is the outdoorsy type and likes to fish, any type of fishing gear would bring a smile to his face.
  • For cold nights a cozy knit throw is great for grandpa to snuggle in on movie night. It’s also great to cuddle up to with the younger grandchildren during story time.
  • A bijou brass pocket watch is a useful and sentimental gift, plus he’ll think of you whenever he checks the time. For a special touch get it engraved with a quote or “world’s best grandpa.”
  • A DVD set of his favorite television show or documentary is simple yet sweet gesture.
  • A key, wallet, remote or glasses finder is a fun yet functional gift.
  • For a grandpa who enjoys a good cup of Joe, a coffee maker or coffee mug set is perfect.

Gifts for Dad

Gifts for Dad

When it comes to buying a gift for your dad it’s easy to fall into a cliché trap – ties being one of those clichés. Even though he may use the tie, something more special would show your dad how much you care. Before you go out and get your dad a gift, really take time to actually think about something that he’d use and would appreciate. Still stumped? Read our tips below to get a few ideas.

  • If your dad enjoys a nice cold beer every now and then, then the monogrammed beer mug sets is the apt choice. If he’s more of a wine guy, go for a personalized wine glass.
  • If you’re dad’s a golfer, any type of golfing equipment would bring a smile to his face. Golf shirts, tees, irons, balls, ball markers, ball retrievers, towels and bags are all options.
  • If you have a father who loves the outdoors, he’ll love camping gear. You can get anything from a portable barbeque to ice chests and bug spray would fit into this category.
  • Most men enjoy grilling or barbequing thus, grilling tools or even special barbeque sauces are suitable.
  • For a father who’s into fitness, exercise equipment or clothing would be useful.

Gifts for Your Husband

Gifts for Your Husband
It’s always nice to make the man in your life feel loved however; finding the right gift for your husband can be a bit daunting at times. You may find it difficult to figure out exactly what he needs or wants. Stumped? Check out the tips below for a helping hand.
  • Electronic devices give you a myriad of options. If your husband travels a lot, noise canceling headphones are a good pick. For a music lover, an mp3 player preset with some of his favorite tunes will have him think of you every time he uses it.
  • Clothing is something a husband will appreciate as it knocks shopping for clothes off his list of things to do. Adjustable terry slippers are a comfortable and resourceful present.
  • Anything to do with his favorite sport is a good idea. For example, if he’s a regular golfer, perhaps a new iron or a swanky new golf bag would bring a smile to his face. If he’s into soccer, consider new cleats.
  • Taking your husband to his favorite sporting event or concert is a great present because it creates a lasting experience that will remain in his memory far beyond any tangible gift.

Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Gifts for Your Boyfriend
Whether you’ve been together for two months or two years, getting your boyfriend the perfect present is a sweet gesture that is sure to impress. A present that suits your man’s personality will let him know you took the time to actually think about what he would like or use. Need some ideas on what to get? Read below for tips on just what to get your boyfriend for his birthday or any other occasion.
  • You can always go with something along the romantic route. Flowers, chocolate covered strawberries or something intimate like boxer shorts are a sentimental way to show you care.
  • For a functional gift go with the latest tech gadget or music player. Your tech savvy boyfriend is sure to appreciate it.
  • If your boyfriend is into video games, get him the hottest new game or video game equipment.
  • If you want to go the traditional route, a nice watch is perfect. A timex leather band watch is sure to be appreciated.
  • Cologne is a gift that’s always sure to please. Plus you’ll get the added benefit of smelling the cologne you picked for him.
  • Tickets to his favorite sporting event or concert will show you care and pay attention to what he’s interested in.