Convertible & Reversible Handbags

Is that two purses or just one?! Check out these convertible and reversible handbags and advice and tips for their up keep!

Mini Backpacks for Women

Mini Backpacks for Women

Mini backpacks became popular amongst the adult age group in the 1980s and is now being rediscovered by those people who want a hands free way to carry their money and other personal belongings every day. But this time there is a new twist to the old design.

These newer women’s mini backpacks can be converted to a cross body bag with a simple zip of the straps. This new design comes with the regular two straps for either shoulder, but the added feature is the zipper that combines the two straps to make one wider strap. This make for a versatile bag that can be adjusted to your style comforts for the day.

Another way to wear the mini backpack is to shorten both straps and wear it around one shoulder. This way you can quickly remove the bag when going from your car, to shopping, to the fitting room and back again.

Since this backpack is compact in size you can conveniently carry your necessities like your wallet, glasses case, coupon book and even a paperback book to keep you occupied while waiting for the public transit. These mini backpacks are so versatile with their convertible style, that anyone with a busy lifestyle can enjoy it.

One Shoulder Sling Bag for Outdoor Sports

One Shoulder Sling Bag for Outdoor Sports

Sling bags are a newer design that is a mixture between the messenger bag and a backpack. Only worn on one shoulder like a messenger bag the sling bag features a storage capacity of a backpack. The best thing about this type of bag is that it’s easy to put on but difficult to fall off. That is why sling bags are the best type of bag for those more active lifestyles.

Whether you like skateboarding, rollerblading, cycling, or jogging the sling bag is the perfect companion. Meant to fit snug against the body, the bag comes in a variety of sizes and the chest strap can always be tightened once on to fit your unique body size and prevent the strap from falling off your shoulder.

When picking a sling bag be sure to consider these tips:

  • The over one shoulder chest strap must have sufficient padding to support the weight of the bag and to make extended wear more comfortable.
  • It is important to find a bag that fits your back and doesn’t wrap around to your waist. Any wrap around means the bag is too big for your body and you need to find a smaller bag for a more snug fit.
  • An optional but truly useful feature is the strap pocket that can hold your cell phone or money for quick and convenient access. Since the bag fits snug against your body this smaller zipper pocket keeps small stuff safe and within reach.

Best Practices for Storing your Handbags

Best Practices for Storing your Handbags

Handbags can be a very expensive necessity that can only be used for certain seasons or occasions. So what do you do with the handbags that you are not going to use for a while?

Many people store their handbags in very different ways, but there is actually a good way and a bad way to store handbags. Below you will find tips on the best practices in storing your handbags to keep them looking newer for longer.

1. Empty pockets – Regardless of what type of bag you have, you want to make sure every pocket is free of any paper, candy or money that could possibly discolor or warp your bag during storage.

2. Spot clean – Use a cleaner made specifically for that type of handbag material. If you have a leather satchel bag, it is important to only use a leather cleaner made for that type of leather and color also. Leather cleaners are made to clean and condition so that while you’re bag is in storage it will not become dry, brittle or faded.

3. Handbag containers – The best way to store handbags is in photo boxes, hat boxes or similar boxes that has an undyed inside. Box dye can bleed onto handbags and create permanent damage.

4. Store Handbags – Store bags loosely and laid flat in a nontransparent cool dry container. Make sure you make sure any embellishments or accessories lay flat and are not folded. Some people save the white moisture absorbing packets that came with the bag and those are the only things that can be kept in the largest pocket in the bag. Also use undyed tissue paper to create a barrier between bags that you want to stack. This way dyed bags do not bleed any other bags.

What To Do With Your Off Season Handbags

What To Do With Your Off Season Handbags

There are many types of handbags that we might own but only keep for those special occasions or very certain seasons. So what do you do with those totes, clutches and hobo handbags that you aren’t using? Here is a quick tip guide that can help you decide what your choices are with your off season bags.

Storing – One of the things you can do is to store your off season handbags until you might need them again. The key in storing handbags is to make sure they are clean before you pack them away. To read more about how to store your handbags see Best Practices for Storing your Handbags tip.

Organizing – Off season bags are a good place to store your other off season accessories. Sometimes jewelry, hair clips, bangles scarves and belts only look good with that purse. Why not store all the complimenting accessories inside your off season bag so it will be ready for you when the time is right.

Rent Out – As mentioned in Sex in the City, you can very easily put your handbags to work for you when you’re not using them. There are two websites that help you rent out your handbags to those who want to use it for the week. You get to set your own price and you get to pick who rents it. All you have to do is take pictures of them and write and add, then you’re bag is ready to be rented:

Reversible Bags Look Good Inside or Out

Reversible Bags Look Good Inside or Out

Reversible bags are always a good value because you are actually buying two bags for the price of one. Reversible handbags have the unique ability to covert to your daily mood or wardrobe without having to find another bag. Many reversible bags come in two different colors, designs or finishes.

  • Switch It by Nan features a Flip Flop line of deer leather handbags that change from a beautiful waxy yellow and inside out to a soft gun metal color.
  • The Sunny Mays features a whole line of hand-designed cloth reversible shoulder bags and clutches that have two very different and distinct patterns on each side.
  • The Foley + Corinna Reversible Mid City Tote has to different finishes where one side is black leather then turned inside out the bag has chic black suede.

If you are someone who likes to change the look of your handbags every day, there is a clear plastic organizer available that allows you to quickly and easily transfer all your contents from one bag to another. This removable and sizable organizer also helps to keep the inside of your reversible bag from getting damaged from leaky pens or makeup smudges. The name of this organizer is called Switch It by Nan and can made in 17 different patters and 3 different sizes. The key is to buy an organizer to fit your smallest day bag so that it can easily be moved into all of your bags without hassle.

The Designer Foley + Corinna Handbags

The Designer Foley + Corinna Handbags

Foley and Corinna is a specialty handbag designer in New York that specializes in making expandable and convertible handbags for the girl on the go. These bags are made for those women who want style and designer status but also like to have a little more room and versatility with their bags right on the spot.

It is actually really simple to expand the bag to offer you more carrying space. All you do it lift up the flap closure and carry the bag with the top handles up. Then when you no longer need all the extra space, you just lay the opening down on one side to make a flap closure. Then use the attached side-to-side strap to give you a more hands free bag.

Every Foley and Corinna handbag is made to have its own convertible features, so here are the 3 ways that you can carry this designer bag:

1. carry in your hand by the handle when you have many short errands to run

2. put your arm through the handle and carry near your elbow when you need your hands free

3. the attached strap can either be long to make a cross body bag or shorter to make a should bag

The Foley and Corinna line of handbags come in many different styles and sizes. If you like clutches, hobo handbags, satchels or shopper bags, there is a bag made to fit your needs. Not to mention these fashion handbags are a definite statement and easily recognizable for its unique convertibility and design.

Choosing an Expandable Tote

Choosing an Expandable Tote

Tote bags can be a stylish accessory for a fabulous wardrobe but it must also be usable at the same time. Having handbags that look nice and can be used for many different purposes are very good investments. Say you want to use your daytime bag when you go traveling, you must be able to fit the things you would normally carry with you as well as some extra items such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup, medicines and some valuable electronics that you might want handy.

Picking a handbag that fits all your needs is no longer a difficult decision. Expandable totes are just the bag for those people who like having a smaller everyday bag but can expand it when more space is needed. Expandable totes have been designed to have zippers that hide extra fabric that extends the walls of the bag. Usually these zippers can be found inside the bag, out of sight from the outside, and can add a few more inches of volume to the bag by still honoring the style of the bag.

To get you started on your expandable tote bag search here are a few designs that you might like.

  • Mission Vaqueta Leather Expandable Handbag is a unique expandable purse that allows the fold over flap to become extra space for all your things.
  • Baggallini Expandable Totes have a simple design that works well with casual outfits and comes in 12 different colors. The bag can expand and become 4” taller to fit larger items that you don’t want to carry.
  • Longchamp Roseau Crocodile Embossed Leather Expandable Tote is a designer bag that has expandable gussets on the side that are held closed by magnetic snaps.
  • Korchamar Expandable Tote is a designer handbag made for those working women who might need some more space. Side gussets can unsnap and provide a larger cavity for your laptop, files and books.

Choosing a Convertible Diaper Bag Purse

Choosing a Convertible Diaper Bag Purse

Diaper bags are a necessity if you plan on taking your baby out and about. A diaper bag can come in many forms but the main purpose of a diaper bag is to hold all of the baby’s necessities like diapers, wipes, bottle, food, changing pad and a blanket. But how do you know what type of bag you will need? There are backpacks, shoulder purses and across body bags too choose from.

The best type of diaper bag is a diaper bag purse that can be converted to fit your needs. Say you need to carry the baby carrier, the diaper bag and the groceries into the house all at once because it’s raining outside. If you buy a shoulder bag your arms will be so incredibly full. Or let’s say you have a backpack diaper bag, but you prefer to carry your baby on your back while you shop. How you do comfortably carry the diaper bag around?

For those parents who want choices, the Madeline Backpack Diaper Bag by Bumble Bags is a convertible diaper bag that can be worn 4 different ways; as a comfortable backpack, hung on the stroller, cross shoulder sling even draped over the shoulder for a cute shoulder bag. This makes for a very versatile diaper bag that never has to be switched out.

Carrying Totes to Fit Your Small Dog

Carrying Totes to Fit Your Small Dog

Maybe you’ve seen the many celebrities carry their toy breed dogs around with them in their purse. Those celebrities are actually using specialized pet carriers that have been designed to look like oversized purses. To many animal lovers, those carriers keep their pet safe from the many dangers that can harm them. Here are some of the reasons why celebrities and animal lovers alike, use a pet carrier tote versus walking their dog on a leash.

  • People might not be paying attention and step on your small dog
  • Larger dogs might get unleashed and attack your dog
  • Keep your dog from eating and drinking from the dirty ground
  • It’s the perfect place to keep your professional pet grooming kit
  • Provide a safe place for your dog to be shielded from rain and wind

There are many different types of pet carrier totes out there. So here are a few purse like doggy bags to get you started on your search:

Christian Audigier Safari Dog Carrier has a place for your dog and your stuff too. Two pockets located inside the bag can hold your keys, wallet, cell phone and other non-edible items while a zipper top and inside safety strap keeps your dog and your stuff safe and secure. This bag can be hung over your arm, shoulder and has a detachable shoulder strap so you can use it as a cross body bag too.

Faux Crocodile Dog Carrier is a stunning black bag that can be worn over your shoulder or across the body and even comes in two difference sizes. Pockets located outside of the bag can hold all of your personal belongings as well as keeps out of reach treats for that good dog. Since the interior is washable, this bag can also be used as purse or overnight bag when traveling without your pet.

Sherpa Pet Carriers also makes a wide range of dog carriers that look more like purses with a side opening for the dog to peek out. This design look more like a luxury bowling bag with the rounded top but is so versatile that you’ll be able to use the handbag for your pet or for your own stuff.

Handbags that Convert to Shoulder Bags

Handbags that Convert to Shoulder Bags

When looking for a handbag you will find some hand held bags come with a detachable shoulder strap. That shoulder strap is what makes the handbag a convertible bag since you can choose to carry the bag in your hand, over your shoulder or even across your body.

The key to buying convertible handbags is knowing what you want your handbag to convert to; a shoulder bag or a cross body handbag. The length of the strap will tell you what type of bag it will convert into even though the handbag description may not spell it out. Here are the tips on finding a great handbag that converts into a cross body handbag or an over the shoulder handbag.

The size of the drop and the strap is important to know when buying a convertible bag online.

  • The bag drop size is the amount of open area between the strap and the top of the bag when being held. The larger the drop the more hands free it will be.
  • The bag strap length is the amount of strap the bag has connecting from one side of the bag all the way to the other connecting point. Same with the drop size, the larger the strap length, the more secure the bag can be to your body.

When looking for a handbag that converts to a:

  • Shoulder bag, look for a bag with a drop size of 6” to 12” or a strap length of 20” to 30”
  • Cross body handbag, look for a bag with a drop size over 17” or an adjustable strap length over 35”

Stylish shoulder bags and messenger bags

Stylish shoulder bags and messenger bags

Handbags for women today have come of age. The variety of styles that are offered in the market has made selecting the right handbag a daunting task. Of the various types available, the convertible and the reversible handbags are most preferred due to their multiple uses. When looking for a handbag, you might find some handheld bags come with a detachable shoulder strap. This shoulder strap makes this handbag convertible as you can choose to either carry it in your hand or wear it over your shoulder. A shoulder handbag becomes a convenient option for college-going teenagers and also if you want to go camping. Messenger bags are a variant of these shoulder bags and they are just the right choice to create a casual look.

A Rosetti hobo handbag is one great convertible handbag that adds a glamorous touch to your casual look. Perfect for a shopping expedition, these bags come in vibrant colors with shoulder straps and can be worn comfortably across your body.

Reversible handbags are another great option if you are someone who loves change. They add value to your purchase as you get two bags for the price of one. They have a unique feature that lets you convert the bag into a different style or color by simply reversing it in or out.