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Carrying your handbag correctly

Carrying your handbag correctly

It is now a recognized fact that carrying your handbag in an incorrect manner could contribute to back, neck and shoulder pain. The trend of carrying large shoulder bags has only increased the problem as one is tempted to fill non-essential items in the bag if there is extra space. If you take certain precautions, you can reduce the chances of developing or aggravating the pain due to erroneous carrying of the handbag. These precautions are as follows:

  • Don’t carry a handbag that is more than 10 per cent of your weight.
  • Ideally carry a shoulder bag such that the strap of the bag is on the opposite shoulder.
  • Try to ensure that your bag has a wide adjustable strap as this will help in weight distribution. If the strap is padded, it is even better.
  • Preferably your bag should have many compartments. If you distribute the items amongst different compartments, the weight will get distributed.
  • Try not lift the shoulder on which you are carrying the bag in an attempt to avoid the bag from slipping. This increases the strain on the shoulder. Square your shoulders.
  • Shift the bag from one shoulder to the other frequently to prevent excess strain on one shoulder.
  • Do not carry unnecessary items in your bag. De-clutter your bag as often as possible.
  • Whenever you can avoid carrying a heavy bag, do so.

Just taking these simple preventive measures can make a world of difference to your shoulder and back.

Buying a cosmetic bag

Buying a cosmetic bag

Cosmetic bags are designed specifically to enable you to carry your cosmetics in an organized and convenient manner. Cosmetic bags come in different sizes and shapes. When you are buying a cosmetic bag that is perfect for you, you should take into account certain factors:

Your needs – Are you someone who travels frequently and for long periods of time? In such a case, you will need to carry larger quantities of your makeup with you. Consequently you will need a larger cosmetic case. On the other hand, you will only need a small cosmetic bag when you are going to a party or to work.

Style – Choose a cosmetic bag which is durable and of a style that coordinates with most of your wardrobe. An ideal cosmetic bag will have many compartments for storing different objects such as brushes, lipsticks, foundation and so on. Thus you can carry your cosmetics in an organized manner.

Price – The price of a cosmetic bag can vary greatly depending on its quality. You can buy one for $5 or pay $100 and more for a branded cosmetic bag. At times, if you buy a large quantity of make-up, you may even get one free! Buy a cosmetic bag that fits your budget.

Remember, an ideal cosmetic bag is one which fulfills your cosmetic storage needs and also sense of style.

When to wear a waist bag

When to wear a waist bag

Waist purses are small pouches that are worn around the waist. Sometimes the less stylish ones are known as “fanny packs.” They usually have an adjustable and padded waist belt and zippered pockets.

Waist bags are very useful when you need to carry necessities such as money, debit and credit cards, keys and sunglasses but simultaneously need to have both your hands free. It can also be used for holding cameras or to carry the necessities when you go fishing, skiing, or doing anything active. When you are going to buy a waist purse keep in mind the following points:

  • Durability – Check if the waist purse is made of good quality material. It should have a purse bottom that is reinforced by a resilient material. It should also have superior backstitching to reinforce areas that bear more strain.
  • Size – Ensure that you do not carry a very large waist purse and stuff it with objects as this may place excess pressure on your waist and cause muscle strain.
  • Waist belt – The waist belt should be padded and adjustable. It should fit you snugly and not sag. Ensure that the buckle clasps properly and does not open easily.
  • Zippers – Since the waist purse mainly has zippered compartments ensure that the zips are of good quality. The larger the teeth of the zip, the stronger they will be. Choose a waist purse that has corrosion resistant zips. Check if the zips are properly fastened with lock-stitch sewing.

You can buy waist purses with a funky, a sporty, a chic or a conservative look. If you have a good waist, then a waist purse is the perfect accessory to accentuate it.

Health tips – How much should your handbag weigh?

Health tips - How much should your handbag weigh?

The new fashion trend in handbags is “the bigger, the better”. Most women are quite thrilled with this trend as it allows them to be stylish and simultaneously carry their essential stuff and a little more. Thus in an average big handbag you will in all probability find not only keys, a wallet, phone, cosmetics, a bottle of water and tissues but also an i-Pod, medicines, snacks, a magazine or book, old grocery and other bills. The fact that carrying heavy handbags are taking a toll on backs and shoulders is now being recognized.

As per a study by the ASDA, the ideal weight of a handbag should be 2.2 lbs or 1 kilo. However, it has been found that on an average, women carry handbags that weigh around 5.2 lbs or 2.5 kilos. As per chiropractors, the weight of your handbag should not exceed 10 percent of your weight up to a maximum of 15 lbs. consistently lugging heavy handbags can cause injury to your back, shoulder and neck.

You can reduce the strain by using the following tips:

  • Purchase smaller bags so that once you have put in the essentials, there’s not much space left to fill up with knick-knacks!
  • The purse should have several compartments so that the objects can be kept in an organized manner and the weight is distributed evenly throughout the bag.
  • Carry bags that have broad, adjustable straps as this will help in weight distribution. Preferably wear the strap over the shoulder opposite the bag.
  • If buying a new purse is not an option, make a list of the items that you absolutely need to carry and stick to that list.
  • De-clutter your purse on a regular basis so that you are not carrying unnecessary objects.
  • Switch the shoulder on which you are carrying the handbag from time to time.

By following these tips, you will be able to reduce your chances of developing back, neck and shoulder strains.

Buying a baguette handbag

Buying a baguette handbag

Baguette Bags are often called Fendi bags after Silvia Venturini Fendi who launced them in 1997.She is famous for giving her creations the names of foods. Thus the Fendi bag is named after the French bread, baguette! The bags were designed for busy affluent socialites. Baguettes are slim, rectangular purses that could either be held under the arm or in one’s hand. However, over the years as the bags evolved, they have acquired designs wherein they sport slender short straps or come in the form of clutches.

The baguette bags come in different sizes ranging from small to oversized bags. The small bags are just big enough to carry the essentials for an evening party or a formal event. The larger bags can carry more items. More often than not, the slim exterior of the baguette bag belies the spacious interior. These bags come in different materials- from the exotic such as python, crocodile, mink and lizard skin, to the more common such as patent leather and canvas. They also come in different designs for example, with golden embroidery, sequined, beaded, monogrammed or with embellishments.

The baguette bags were a rage in the late 90’s and ever since they have never lost their popularity. So if you don’t yet own a baguette- go get one!

Benefits of a messenger bag

Benefits of a messenger bag

A messenger bag or cross body bag is a rectangular bag with a long shoulder strap. The strap is usually worn on one shoulder and across the body. The bag hangs down the opposite hip or on the back. The bags were originally used by messenger boys to carry letters and objects that they had to deliver. The messenger bag has undergone a vast transformation over the decades. They are now made from various materials and come in different styles. They have become immensely popular for both men and women of all age groups.

Messenger bags have numerous benefits due to which they have become popular. These are as follows:

  • These bags are generally medium to large sized. Thus you can put a lot of things into it.
  • They are spacious and its owners tend to carry a lot of stuff in it. Consequently, these bags are often heavy. However its weight is distributed between the shoulder and back, and this makes it seem lighter to carry.
  • These bags have a “cool” look. They are trendy and casual. Some messenger bags have been so designed that they can even be carried to evening parties.
  • Messenger bags are easy to carry and leave your hands free for use.

Messenger bags are also great for carrying your laptop in style, such as the Timbuk2 Commute 2.0 Laptop Messenger that holds up to a 15-inch computer. All these advantages together with the fact that carrying a messenger bag is considered to be “hip” have enhanced its appeal.

Benefits of a clutch wallet

Benefits of a clutch wallet

A lady needs different kinds of purses for different purposes. For example, a purse that is designed for everyday use tends to be large and made of material that can withstand daily usage. On the other hand, purses that are used for special events or occasions should be compact.

Clutch wallets are small rectangular bags that are designed to carry the essential accessories like credit cards, keys, cell-phone and money. These wallets can either be used as clutches or can be used as wallets to be kept inside your purse. They are ideal for short trips, for example, to the local grocery store or on a short social visit.

Carrying a clutch wallet is quite advantageous for the following reasons:

  • Clutch wallets are not large or cumbersome.
  • If you carry a clutch wallet, made of delicate materials like silk to an evening party, you can look very feminine. At the same time, you will be carrying minimal personal necessities.
  • It is easy to organize your belongings, as there are different compartments for different objects. It usually has slots for credit cards, a transparent window for window for your license, a zippered pocket for loose change, another one for dollar bills and a pocket for your cell phone.

Clutch wallets come in variety of designs. The most common designs include clutch wallets with animal prints or floral designs. You will also find textured clutch wallets and those in plain solid colors. A clutch wallet is a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe.

The new hobo bag style

The new hobo bag style

Hobo bags are medium or large crescent-shaped bags that tend to droop. They usually have large adjustable straps with which you can hang the bag on the shoulders. These bags are usually made of soft materials such as leather, micro-fiber or suede.

Hobo bags combine fashion with utility. These bags are designed to carry essential objects such as the cell phone, the wallet, cosmetics and jewelry. In fact, some bags are large enough to carry even a set of clothes, a camera or toys.

Hobo bags come in various sizes and patterns. The smaller bags with small straps in shades such as brown and black can be used at events and parties. The larger, more vibrant bags can be used for everyday purposes. They tend to lend a casual but practical air to the person carrying it.

You will find both branded and unbranded hobo bags. Branded bags will be classy and high quality but are likely to cost you a fortune. Unbranded bags will be easier on your pocket. You could even get unbranded hobo bags for as little as $20, keep in mind you may be compromising quality with an inexpensive bag. Hobo bags are the very in style right now and are being manufactured in all sizes, quality and prices. Thus the chances are quite high that you may get a good quality bag that fits your budget and most importantly- need!

New shoulder bags

New shoulder bags

The shoulder bag is a generic term for any bag, usually large, that is carried over ones’ shoulder. The advantage of a shoulder bag is that it has a number of compartments to carry stuff, for example, your wallet, cell-phone, cosmetics, important papers and jewelry. Most ladies own at least one shoulder bag especially since it is considered to be fashionable to carry it.

The current trend in shoulder bags follows the maxim “the bigger, the better”. They come in a variety of designs, materials and colors. The different styles of shoulder bags include the hobo bag, totes, satchels, barrel bags, quilted bags, flat bags and clutches. Shoulder bags are usually made of leather, suede, canvas and cotton.

If you’re looking for a satchel-style designer handbag, consider the Etienne Aigner Ambitious Satchel Tobacco handbag, as it offers plenty of space without adding bulk to your wardrobe. You will definitely find one that suits your taste and fits your budget. However, when you are buying a bag, you must make sure that it is sized proportionately to your body. You surely don’t want to be lugging an excessively large bag wherever you go! You should also consider the strap length and whether you want a bag with one or two straps. So many choices to be made!

The chic barrel bag style

The chic barrel bag style

Most women own more than one purse. A single handbag would not be suitable for every occasion or coordinate with every dress. Thus we find different handbag styles to suit different occasions and needs. One such style is barrel bag. The barrel bag is so called because it has a cylindrical shape resembling that of a barrel lying sideways! In other words, it has more space horizontally than vertically. These bags usually have thin, long straps. Barrel-shaped clutches are a variation of the barrel bag.

Barrel bags are quite popular and can be found in numerous materials, colors, sizes, designs and prices. You can find a barrel bag for every occasion, mood and in every imaginable hue. Barrel bags are often large and spacious. A hard cased barrel bag is perfect for packing your stuff for the weekend getaway. For a formal occasion, you could opt for a classic leather bag in solid colors like black or brown. Planning a fun weekend with friends? Choose denim or patchwork fabric barrel bag. For an evening party, carry an elegant barrel clutch. Barrel bags are even found in exotic animal prints and materials like wicker and raffia.

Choosing from the vast range of barrel bags can be quite a difficult task, especially if you don’t have an idea of what you are looking for. So be sure of what occasion you want the bag for and what image you want to portray before making your choice.