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Jewelery Tip Center

Before buying jewelry there are many things to consider, and we’ve put together tips on everything you’ll need to know about jewelry. From the history of jewelry to eco-friendly jewelry, engagement ring tips to holiday jewelry, and everything in between, these jewelry tips will leave you informed and ready for your next jewelry purchase.

Ring Tips

Rings are a great fashion accessory, and once you’re found one there are some tips for wearing and caring for it. From how to get a stuck ring off your finger to the green ring syndrome, right hand rings and cocktail rings, and more, we’ve got every tip you’ll need for rings!

Holiday Jewelry Tips

Now that you’ve added some gorgeous jewelry to your treasure chest, the real trick is when to wear it. Read on for tips on everything from summer jewelry to everyday jewelry, jewelry for the office to jewelry for evening events, and much more.

History of Jewelry

The history of jewelry is fascinating, and we’ve already done the research for you, so read on to find out the history of engagement and wedding jewelry, jewelry in ancient history, the history of Cartier and Tiffany’s and Co. and more!

Jewelry Care Tips

Once you’ve found your perfect piece of jewelry, the next step is ensuring it will last through all the wear and tear of daily life. Read on to find tips on cleaning gems and pearls, how often you should clean your jewelry, the best ways to store your jewelry, and more!

Jewelry Glossary

Learning all the facts about jewelry can sometimes feel like pursuing a master’s degree. But it doesn’t have to! Read on to find our glossary on everything from karat vs. carat to spotting fake pearls, and more! Best of all? It’s all in one easy-to-find place.

Necklace Tips

When searching for the perfect necklace there are many things to consider – from chain types to different chain lengths, crystal vs. glass pendants, necklaces for men, and more. Read on to find everything you need to know before buying your next amazing necklace.

Earring Tips

When searching for earrings there are many styles to choose from. Whether you’re looking for hoop earrings to chandelier, earrings for everyday or for a night out, we’ve got tips on everything you need to know about finding the perfect pair of earrings.

Eco-Friendly Jewelry Tips

Do you want to save the planet, but look fabulous in the process? We have tips from recycling jewelry to vintage jewelry, cultured pearls to conflict-free diamonds, and even how to make your own jewelry! Read on to find out how to look great in eco-friendly jewelry.

Engagement Ring Tips

You’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, so the hard part should be over, right? Wrong. Now you’ve got to find the perfect engagement ring. But don’t fear! We’ve compiled all the tips you’ll need when searching for that breathtaking engagement ring.

Bracelet Tips

Bracelets are a fun and exciting way to dress up those wrists! We’ve put together everything you need to know before buying your next fabulouse bracelet. From cuff bracelets to slap bracelets, charm bracelets to tennis bracelets and more. Read on for the best information about bracelets.