Carry-On Luggage Tips

Tips on airline carry-on size and weight restrictions, not to mention tips on packing your bags. Find the perfect carry-on luggage that fits your traveling needs.

Compact Carry-On Luggage

Compact Carry-On Luggage

When you travel and leave loved-ones back at home, it is easy to get carried away on the amount of souvenirs purchased for them. Instead of decreasing the amount of souvenirs you buy, try using an extra piece of luggage for your trip back home. Here are some tips on how to use compact luggage or a duffel bag to give you mare space when you return.

Before you pack your luggage you should consider the amount of extra space you think you’ll need for the items that you will soon acquire. Do you think you are going to be purchasing some glass encased artwork and shot glasses, or lots of shirts and hats?

Carry-on Soft Good Souvenirs

Any clothes, hats and shoes can be packed in a wheeled luggage but bringing an extra over the shoulder duffel bag is the ultimate compact carry-on luggage. Easily flatten your duffel and place it on the bottom of your checked luggage and pile your items on top if that before you depart. Then when you find more space is needed, just retrieve your flattened duffel bag and pack soft souvenirs and other items that won’t be damaged from any corners or hits to the soft sides of your duffel.

Carry-on Glass Souvenirs

You should consider bringing an extra 45 liner inch wheeled luggage that can be easily filled and packed within your larger checked luggage before departure. When packing the items to bring back home, securely wrap your shirt or towel (souvenirs or your own) around any delicate items in order to decrease the likelihood of your items getting damaged while in the planes overhead compartment.

Insulated Carry-On Luggage

Insulated Carry-On Luggage

Traveling becomes very expensive, especially if you plan on flying by airplane. One of the ways to keep costs down is to bring your own snacks and food onto the airplane with you, instead of buying them at the airport or mid-flight on the plane. Even though drinks and most other liquids need to be 100ml by volume, you are still able to bring on sandwiches, cookies and few other sealed and packaged edibles. The best way to carry-on these items, as well as any medical prescriptions in need of refrigeration, is to use an insulated carry-on bag or luggage.

  • An insulated market bag is a nice compact way to incorporate your foods and snacks as your carry-on. Not only will it keep groceries cool on your trip, but purchasing an environmentally-friendly shopping bag will ensure that you stay green. Once you’re done, you can neatly fold your insulated market bag into your luggage.
  • Baby Sherpa Diaper Backpack has compartments for toys, powder, creams and wipes, with larger space for diapers, clothes and blankets. This bag also features an insulated cooler compartment that separates food and medications from the rest of the items.
  • Insulated luggage bottle holder is an inexpensive way to carry-on your airport purchased bottle of water or soda. Easily attach the insulated holder by Velcro to your carry-on luggage. This way you can keep your hands free while boarding or departing a plane and keep track of your bottle at all times.

Luggage for Seniors

Luggage for Seniors

Senior citizens and other travelers with disabilities or medical conditions should have no reservations from using an airplane for long distance travels. Many accommodations have been made to the security screening process as well as increasing wheeled mobility all the way to the airplane seat. For those senior citizens that need to bring medications onto the airplane in a carry-on and have limited mobility, there are three types of carry-on luggages to consider.

Medical Bag

Medical carry-on luggage bags and boxes are perfect for seniors because they come in convenient sizes and have multiple compartments for all medical supplies. When the luggage is unzipped, it can hang on a clothes hanger or the back of a door for eye level access. For easy transportation, slip pill tubes, syringes and other medical supplies into the individual zipper compartments, then fold or roll sides and secure into a compact size to be worn over the shoulder or can be kept in your carry-on roller bag.

Wheeled Luggage

Wheeled carry-on luggage is a perfect way for seniors to bring carry-ons onto an airplane regardless of weight. The ideal wheeled luggage for senior use is one that is capable of doing 360 degree turns and is smaller than 45 linear inches for overhead storage carry-on. Newer wheeled luggage come with three or four rotating wheels on the bottom and a telescoping handle that will allow for the luggage to be easily pulled or pushed down narrow airline aisles without ever being picked up. By having a luggage that is smaller than 13” tall, 16” wide, and 7” deep (36 linear inches) seniors can conveniently push the carry-on under the seat in front of them, without straining to reach the overhead compartments.

Messenger Bag

Messenger bags are also an easy way for any senior citizens to carry-on lightweight items and still be able to keep their hands free. A messenger bag can hold medicines, books, reading glasses and even a change of clothes for those longer plane trips. This piece of luggage are especially useful for those people who use wheelchairs, walkers, canes or seeing animals.

Luxury Luggage

Luxury Luggage

When people travel, they want to travel in style. What better way to express your own style than with a unique and expensive luxury luggage set? Luxury luggage can come in many different styles, colors and materials, so you will be sure to find a set that sticks out from those crowded luggage carousels.

  • Globe-Trotter has been specializing in the antique rectangle shaped hard sided luggage sets since 1897. With the modern conveniences of lighter weight, rotating wheels, and increased durability, the ultimate style of these pieces are timeless.
  • Henk makes luxury luggage for those people who want a purely unique suitcase. You can choose from any of the Travelfriend cases or personalize your luggage to have a different outer and interior skin. Great for the business traveler, write your own 2 lines of text and upload your business logo for luggage that will be hard to loose.
  • Samsonite and Swarovski have created the most luxurious luggage by covering a sturdy and reliable leather Samsonite luggage in the 1920’s trunk style, with Swarovski Crystals. The Samsonite Black Label will only have 30 replica pieces made and will be sold in Europe to make this item a truly rare luxury.

Designer Luggage

Designer Luggage

When you are used to carrying a designer purse or wallet around, it is only fitting to have a complimenting designer luggage. Designers of bags, clothes and accessories have expanded their production to include designer luggage sets made from the brand you love and trust. If you are interested in complimenting your current designer wardrobe, here are a few designers that make luggage which are perfectly sized to be your airplane carry-on.

  • Chanel has a white quilt designed three piece luggage set that includes a spacious roller carry-on luggage that can be stored in the overhead compartment, a hobo style duffel bag that can accommodate a laptop, and a white purse with a chain intricately woven with white leather.
  • Guess makes two types of sturdy roller carry-on luggages that can fit in the over head compartment. One is the New York, that expands to fit soft items, then there is the Balboa which is made of an ostrich-embossed vinyl that looks truly unique.
  • Louis Vuitton specializes in designer bags and has made a great collection of designer luggage sets in carry-on sizes under the names of Monogram Canvas, Damier Canvas and Monogram Vernis for women travelers or the Taiga, Damier Graphite Canvas and Damier Geant Canvas for those manly wanderers.
  • Kenneth Cole also carries a wide range of carry-on luggages that are sold separately, so you have the freedom to customize your own luggage set with either the Wheeled Upright collection in different sizes or the Satchel over the shoulder leather duffel that will fit your laptop and your other carry-on items.
  • Vera Bradley also offers designer luggage ideal for overnight travels, such as their Signature Black 19″ Super Lite Carry-On Rolling Luggage.

Packing Tips for Your Carry-On Luggage

Packing Tips for Your Carry-On Luggage

Traveling by airplane has become more expensive now that the first or second checked luggage needs to be accompanied by a $15 fee. That is why the one carry-on luggage and one personal item per person became so important. Here are some tips on what to pack in your carry-on luggage and how to pack your items to maximize space and accessibility.

Airplane Carry-on Approved Items:

  • 3-1-1 bag including medicines
  • 1 full change of clothes, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste or “wisp”
  • Snacks or things to help you pop your ears like gum, lollipops, or nuts
  • Valuables such as money, jewelry, and electronics
  • Items to keep you occupied like a book, mp3 player, or playing cards

Packing Tips for Your Personal Item

Your personal item may be a laptop backpack, light backpack or purse. Utilize this small bag by putting your most used and valuable items inside. Pack your money, passport, ID, in-flight medications, a pack of gum, a “wisp”, and a book or mp3 player to keep you occupied during flight. Click here to see the size restrictions of a personal item


Packing Tips for Your Carry-On Luggage

  • In your carry-on luggage you can pack all of your clothes in vacuum bags, or roll them into tubes to save space. Those items should go on the bottom of your carry-on because they are less likely to be accessed during the flight.
  • On top of the clothes, the 3-1-1 bag should be laid down flat, so the security scanners can clearly make out every item in that bag.
  • Then at the top of your carry-on bag, there should be items that are easier to access and where to large to fit in your personal item. Consider packing your more likely to be used items such as snacks, a neck pillow, an eye mask, a sweater and more reading materials at the very top.

By strategically packing your belongings into little compartments and reduce the amount of air packed, you will be able to reduce the need for checked luggage, therefore saving you money during your trip.

Bringing Liquids on Board

Bringing Liquids on Board

Ever since the August 10, 2006 liquid bomb attempt on planes leaving the United Kingdom, many nations have joined together to limit the amount of liquids allowed within any one persons’ carry-on luggage onto an aircraft.

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration as well as 72 other nations, have agreed that a safe amount of liquids that any one person should be able to carry onto a plane should not exceed 100ml (3.4oz) per container. The number of liquid containers should be limited to fit within a fully sealable one quart zip-top clear plastic bag.

Medical Supplies and Baby Formula Carry-on Regulations

If you find that you need to bring more liquids than can fit in a single one quart bag, you can easily put those large shampoos, fragrances and other liquids in your checked luggage with minimal quantity limitations or restrictions.

For those people who need to bring on baby formulas, medications or other liquids for medical use; the 3-1-1 rule still recommended. However, any additional medical liquids that exceed 3.4ozs will be allowed on the plane as long as it is declared at an inspection checkpoint by simply removing those liquids from your carry-on for a separate security inspection. By separating any large quantified medical liquids from your carry-on for separate x-ray screening, you have increased your chances of having a swifter screening process, less hassle and you will get to your plane quicker.

Packing Tip for Liquids

Remember, when traveling by plane it is a best practice to keep any liquids (in carry-on and checked luggage) in a plastic sealable bag. This way, if the elevation pressure makes a medicine bottle leak, the plastic bag contains the leakage and keeps your other luggage and other items clean.

Carry-On Luggage Weight Limit

Carry-On Luggage Weight Limit

When packing your one personal item and one carry-on luggage, keep a weight scale handy so that you can make sure you are staying within the airline’s weight limit. Since, every jet has its own unique weight limits, it is important to check with your airline before hand to know the exact amount. Most airlines allow your carry-on luggage to weigh a maximum anywhere from 7 pounds to 40 pounds without an Excessive Fee. So make sure to check with your airline before your flight.

The personal item usually goes unweighed, unless security feels that your item looks excessive in weight or size. Remember laptops and other electronics are highly suggested to be brought on board with you in a laptop bag or a backpack and can be claimed as your one allotted personal item.

Excessive Fee

In the event your carry-on luggage and personal item exceeds the plane’s carry-on size or weight limits, you might be asked to pay a fee or check your carry-on as a piece of luggage. The airlines’ weight and size restrictions were made to accommodate enough storage space for each passenger equally. Exceeding such restrictions could result in a fee of $10 up to $35 to keep your carry-on from being checked. Sometimes airlines are full and cannot accommodate excessive carry-on luggage, in that case you will be required to check your luggage. If this additional bag exceeds your limit of allotted checked baggage, you might be subjected to an additional luggage fee anywhere from $25 to $100. So, check with your airline for the specifics before you fly to save yourself money and additional headaches.

Carry-On Luggage Size Restrictions

Carry-On Luggage Size Restrictions

Many luggage sets come with two large luggages to hold the bulk of your clothes and toiletries and might also include an additional carry-on or garment bag for those lighter more valuable belongings. If you want to get the most use out of your new purchase, it is important for you know the airlines’ carry-on luggage size restrictions before buying that three piece luggage set.

Carry-on Luggage Size Restrictions

Airlines use a measurement of linear dimensional size, which is total of the height+width+length, to regulate how large a person’s luggage can be. In order to have room for everyone aboard a plane, the average maximum carry-on size accepted by an airline is 45 linear inches. A typical carry-on size usually comes out to be 22” tall, 14” wide, and 9” long. This size is ideal for overhead storage and is most convenient with wheels that turn 360 degrees, to maneuver through the narrow aisles. One product to consider is the Delsey Luggage line of Trolley Totes. They’re conveniently sized and comes on wheels to save your shoulders and back from excessive weight.

Personal Item Size Restrictions

If you are the type of person who likes to have their personal articles closer to you, most planes have under seat storage that can fit smaller items such as laptop bags and backpacks. This carry-on can be considered your “personal item” and may measure a maximum of 36 linear inches. Most airlines allow everyone one carry-on luggage and one personal item to be carried into the plane and stored in the cabin with you. Many luggage companies such as Victorinox luggage makes wheeled totes that’s size and shape makes it a perfect piece of luggage to travel with.

New Carry-On Luggage Trends

New Carry-On Luggage Trends

The newest trend in carry-on luggage follows a common goal of increasing mobility and ease of use for the traveler. If you are willing to spend some extra money for these beauties, then you will see that your luggage does not impose in your travels but help you gain a more enjoyable experience during long waits and extended hours. Here are a handful of the hottest trends in carry-on luggage that you can pick from.

  • Zuca Pro is a FAA carry-on compliant wheeled bag that features a sturdy and lightweight aluminum exterior skeleton that can be used a convenient seat during long waits and can easily be stored in the overhead airplane compartment.
  • Climb Up suitcase is still a concept by Woo Moon-Hyung, but the idea has won this product a 2008 Red Dot Design Concept Award. What make this luggage unique are the two rotating tracks that allow you to pull this case up stairs or glide it downstairs with great ease.
  • Live Luggage created a motorized suitcase that can also carry the Humphrey and Kipp collection that is sized to fit in most planes overhead compartments. Made of soft leather, these bags have many compartments so your small items don’t get lost in a large bag.

Travel Comfortably with Laptop Sleeves with Handles

Travel Comfortably with Laptop Sleeves with Handles

For today’s busy professionals who are forever heading from one place to another, traveling light and comfortable are always the top priority. This makes traveling with laptop sleeves with handles a wise choice.

The laptop sleeves that offer double handles allow you to carry them like you carry your briefcase. This also allows you to move freely while navigating your way through the crowd. Moreover, such handles come well padded to add to the comfort of the owners.

Moreover, having direct contact with your laptop sleeves give you added security against theft. This is because the snatcher may find it difficult to run away with your laptop without first drawing attention towards himself.

There are other benefits of carrying laptop sleeves with handles. You don’t need to buy a separate tote bag or any other additional carrying bag, thereby saving you money.

While selecting laptop sleeves with handles, you would find a great variety of designs, colors and features to choose from:

This season, the Neoprene laptop sleeves are making quite a splash for their sleek design. The sleeves feature collapsible handles. These are available from all the leading brands such as Lenovo, Dell, HP, etc.

Some laptop sleeves also come with hidden retractable handles for easy carrying.

There are also laptop sleeves which come with handles sown internally with the case to add to the look of your laptop sleeves as well as its durability.

Business Travel Made Easy with Rolling Computer Briefcase

Business Travel Made Easy with Rolling Computer Briefcase

For today’s globetrotting professionals, holding seminars and giving presentations are part of the job. In such business travels, carrying one’s laptop is not only practical, but also effective way of conducting business. Undoubtedly, easy portability and maximum protection of the laptop and documents are of great importance to such frequent travelers. Selecting rolling computer briefcase is one such smart ways of packing the laptop. Such computer briefcases also enhance the style of corporate honchos donning in their best Versace or Armani business suit.

Choose a checkpoint-friendly rolling laptop bag, such as the Victorinox Rolling Trevi Laptop Bag w/Security Fast Pass, to reduce the amount of time you spend waiting in security. With a checkpoint-friendly model, users do not have to take their computer out of its case.

To cater various tastes, rolling computer briefcases come in pure leather, synthetic leather, nylon fabric and in combination of nylon and leather.

Common Features of Rolling Computer Briefcases:

  • Roll On Wheels: Strong metallic wheel can carry the weight of the laptop and while ensuring smooth maneuverability of such computer briefcase. The briefcase can be of retractable (which pops out as you start rolling the briefcase) wheels or of inline skate wheels.
  • Quality Aluminum Handles: Aluminum is known for its great strength and flexibility. Many briefcases feature expandable aluminum handles for smooth control of the rolling computer briefcase. Others offer adjustable telescopic handle for greater mobility.
  • Separate Compartment for Laptop: The most useful feature of a rolling computer briefcase is that it features a large, completely separate compartment for keeping the laptop. Separate pockets house the USB devices, business cards, documents, binders, cell phones or such other accessories.