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Makeup Tip Center

Finding the right shade of foundation or the perfect eye shadow can be complicated with so much to choose from on the market. It’s important to know what you want and what suits you before you venture out to makeup counters. From makeup 101 to tips for storing and traveling with makeup, helpful information on skincare, and more – visit our makeup Tip Center as a guide for all your beauty needs.

Mascara and Eyeliner Tips

Mascara and eyeliner can make your eyes pop. Learn the basics of how to beautify your eyes with tools like heated eyelash curlers!

Skincare Tips

Keep your skin beautiful without makeup! Learn how to use facial exfoliators and other skincare products to keep your skin glowing!

Storing and Makeup Travel Tips

Tips on the most travel-friendly makeup products and the best makeup organizers for home and travel.

Lip Makeup Tips

A perfect pout is more than just having the right shade. Learn how to create beautiful lips with other tools like lip exfoliaters and lip stains.

Makeup 101 Tips

Everything you need to know about makeup! From tinted moisturizer to black eyeliner, learn how to apply a full face of makeup!

Makeup Brush Tips

Don’t overlook your tools when applying makeup! Research the right cosmetic brush sets for your everyday makeup needs.

Eye Shadow and Eyebrow Tips

Make sure you have the most unique eye shadow and perfect eyebrows! Learn how to create gorgeous eyes with tools like eye shadow primer!

Face Makeup Tips

Knowing how to apply foundation and concealer is essential to giving your makeup the perfect base. Learn the best tips and products here!

Body Makeup Tips

While most makeup is for your face, sometimes you need to hide flaws or tattoos on your body. Learn how to use body makeup like sunless tanner.

Blush and Bronzer Tips

Tips on how to choose the best blush for your face shape and skin tone. Learn tricks for applying blush and bronzer like a pro.