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Pants Tip Center

Need help finding that perfect pair of pants that fit you in all the right places? Our pants tip center will help you find just what you need whether it’s slacks, jeans or corduroys. Broswe through our selection of woman’s pants, athletic pants or men’s pants.

Winter Pants Tips

For the winter months, check out the best ways to keep your legs warm. From flannel-lined pants to black leggings and everything in between, find the best way to keep warm this season! This tip center has been put together for you to browse through different styles, find your own and stay warm in the same time

Pants Size Tips

Pants come in all different styles, finding the right size for a particular style can be difficult. From high-rise jeans to low-rise jeans, tips and advice on finding the perfect size for you. Browse through our tips to measure the waist, the outseam, the break, etc. Our tip center is here to help you find the best fitting pants for you.

Pants Style Tips

Find the right style of pants for you! Whether you’re pear shaped, petite, or athletic, people come in all shapes and sizes and pants do too! We put together for you to know how to put a crease in your pants, or to know which rise is best for your.

Woman’s Pants Tips

From silk pants to denim leggings, woman’s pants come in all styles and fashions. Tips and advice on that pair of pants that you’ve always wanted. Just browse through our selection of winter leggings and pants for expectant women.

Men’s Pants Tips

There are a lot of men’s pants’ styles out there, from Dockers to Levi’s, how do you pick the right pair of men’s pants for you? Check out our tips on styles, utility, and affordability. Just browse through our selection of different pair of pants for all uses.

Pants for Kids

Find the perfect pair of pants for your child. From kicking around a pair of Oshkosh pants to kids’ ski pants for that day on the slops, find the perfect pair of kids’ pants for any occasion. Just browse through the selection we have put together to guide you in your shopping.

Summer Pants Tips

Keep cool this summer in a pair of linen pants or capri pants. Find the latest styles for the summer season by browsing through our selection of hiking pants, or harem pants. This tip center is for you to find your own style for the summer to come!

History of Pants

Who invented pants? Check out this chronological study of pants and where to get your pair of a past generations’ trend setter. Browse through our ideas of 70′s or 90′s pants and create your own style by mixing the modern and the vintage.

Denim Jeans Tips

Find the right kind of jean for you for any occasion. Browse through our selection of elastic waist jeans, or blue jeans. We tells you what the right fit is for you women and men. We made those tips for you to find your very own denim jeans style.

Athletic Pants Tips

Whether hitting the slopes, stretching out in a yoga class, or shooting hoops, find the perfect pair of athletic and workout pants for your needs. Tips and advice on the latest and best styles of warm-up pants, sweatpants, compression shorts and more!