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Party Supply Tips

When planning a party, there are many things to consider and the details may seem overwhelming. We’re here to help with our Party Tip Center. Whether you’re planning a 1st birthday or a 50th birthday, a Christmas party or a pirate party – we’ve got the tips you’ll need to plan the best party.

Popular Party Decorations

You’ve invited all the people and planned the food for your party, but you need to decorate! Clean up the house, hide the fragile valuables in the closet and get started turning your everyday furniture into awesome party decorations. For tips on what decorations to plan for to cover a multitude of special occasions, Become.com has you covered. Popular Party Decorations includes tips to help you get your table looking festive, choose decorations you can make or hang, and more. These ideas are sure to have you brainstorming the best party possible. Party on!

Popular Party Theme Tips

Sometimes a plain old party just isn’t enough. Food, drinks, and party patrons dressed like normal can get monotonous. So why not add some pizazz to your party by giving it a theme? A party theme can be as simple as tacking on party rules, costume requirements, and decorations. The next time you plan a party, use some of these tips to figure out which theme you want and how to prepare for it.

Graduation party ideas

Have fun inviting all of your guests to your graduate’s graduation party with these tips from Become.com. Learn all about hosting high school and college graduation parties, how to decorate and tips on creating the best party invitations. If you need any ideas on how to create a theme for a college graduation party, read on.

Special occasion party tips

Not every party needs to be spur-of-the-moment. Some of the most memorable parties, like weddings and Quinceaneras, take months of planning for that perfect blend of spontaneity and fun. See this section for all the little things you might have forgotten, like Bar Mitzvah picture frames or baby shower stickers. Make this party memorable for the right reason.

Delicious party food tips

To make your party a success, you’ll need some great food to keep your guests happy and their tummies full. Below you’ll find tips to make the best party food for all different holidays and occasions, from Halloween to Super Bowl, Pirate parties to cocktail parties, and more! After reading these party food tips, you’ll soon be begging for a reason to entertain!

Party invitation tips

Throwing a birthday party is stressful enough. Throw in the task of having to create party invitations for your guests and you have a really big head ache. To help you alleviate some of the stress of throwing a party, here are some of the top tips for creating party invitations that will be unforgettable. These tips cover the basics and more advanced steps for inviting guests to your party.

10 Usual and not so usual ways to celebrate 2013

1. 1. A masquerade ball Why not attend a masquerade ball while the ball drops? It’s a little classier than a normal New Years Eve Party, you can dress up instead of dressing down, and you can find one in a city like the San Francisco Symphony or even at Yosemite National Park! Get a […]

Bachelor and bachelorette party ideas

When planning a bachelor or bachelorette party there are many things to consider. We have tips on party ideas, party themes, party decorations, party favors, party games, and of course, tips on where to host this memorable party. Read the tips below to make sure this bachelor or bachelorette party is the best “last night out” they have!

Best party games

To make sure your guests are entertained throughout the party, we’ve brought you tips for the best party games. From kids parties, to outdoor parties, dinner parties to slumber parties and more, we have enough game ideas to keep you and your guests busy for hours. Read these tips below to ensure your party is the most memorable and exciting one your guests will attend.

Birthday party ideas

When hosting a birthday party, you have so many things to consider: Where to have the party? Should I have a theme? What kind? Is it a milestone birthday, like someone’s 1st, 18th, or 50th? Don’t panic, we have tips to answer all these questions and ease you through the party planning process. Read the tips below and your next party will be stress-free!