Types Of Shoes

From track shoes to gym shoes, suede flat boots to canvas flats, dance shoes to dress shoes, and more – there are so many shoes to choose from, you may feel overwhelmed. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of tips of shoe types. Read on and you’ll soon find the perfect pair for all your needs!

Dress Shoe Types

Dress Shoe Types

If you have a special event to attend, you probably want to purchase a new pair of shoes to wear out. There are all different kinds of shoes to consider, and they are all based on what you’ll be doing while you are out on the town.

  • Open toe shoes look sexy, but if you are attending a professional event, they may not be appropriate. They are also a bad plan if you forgot to get a pedicure. You don’t want to wear open toe shoes if your toenails look bad. But for classy nights out, open toe shoe types can look amazing and make your outfit look well put-together and sharp.
  • Strappy sandals are wonderful in warm weather and look upscale no matter what you wear. You can get your strappy sandals with heels or without, and in every color you could imagine. Shop around online for the perfect look at the perfect price.
  • For men, you can choose from many colors and different styles including buckle shoes, lace up shiny shoes, and square or pointy toes. The pointy-toed shiny black shoes are by far the standard when it comes to men’s dress shoes, but depending on the event, you may want to try something new and have some fun with your evening look.

The different types of shoe manufacturers also have multiple kinds of dress shoes within their lines. If you have a favorite pair of shoes that fit well, check that manufacturer for dressy shoes. That way when you order you know your size will fit great right out of the box.

Running on the Track

Running on the Track

If you are a track and field runner, you know that track shoes are unique. The spikes on the underside help keep traction almost regardless of weather conditions. The lightweight construction is consistent even when looking at different kinds of track shoes. Many track shoes, such as the women’s Adidas shoes track line, have an extra layer of security in the outsole to make sure your feet are stable regardless of weather conditions. Some brands also sport removable pins so you can customize the pattern of spikes for optimal performance when sprinting.

Keep in mind that even with a track shoe, different brands may size and fit differently. So, if you are thinking about changing styles or brands look closely at the size charts to make sure you are going to have a pair of shoes that fits like a second skin on your foot. This will increase safety and balance. A shoe that does not fit as well as you need it to may slip while wearing, and that can cause you to stumble, ruining your time and even possibly causing a dangerous situation. If you know what you need from your shoe, you can search online for reviews as well as the best price before purchasing, and that means your budget will be as secure as your feet when you sprint.

Top Running Shoes:

Different Kinds of Dance Shoes

Different Kinds of Dance Shoes

If you are a dancer or you have a child in dance class, you are probably dealing with one of two different kinds of dance shoes. Types of women’s shoes for dance vary so keep in mind that these are guidelines and may be slightly different based on your classes, teacher, or the brand of shoe.

  • Ballet shoes are for children or adults in ballet class. There are pointe shoes that have blocks in the toes so the ballerina can dance on the tips of the toes, also known as en pointe or on pointe. Regular dance shoes are made of leather and usually have a band of elastic across the top. The shoes come in leather as well as canvas. Early in training, you can use either type based solely on how comfortable they are for you. Always check sizing charts because different shoes run differently in terms of size.
  • Jazz shoes usually have a very small, flat heel and come in either black or tan. They usually lace up, although there are now companies (Capezio and Bloch) making jazz shoes with elastic closures so they are easy to put on and take off quickly. There are split sole and full sole varieties. The split sole makes it easier to balance on the toes while wearing the shoes but the full sole offers more support for the dancer. As with ballet shoes, always check the company’s size chart so you know you’re getting the right size.

Dance can be an expensive hobby, especially when it is a passion and lifestyle.

Women’s Casual Shoes

Women's Casual Shoes

There are many different kinds of shoes designed to create an air of casual comfort for women. Here are some standard types of women’s casual shoes to wear when you’re not at work.

  • Canvas flats: The canvas flat is trendy and affordable. Even better, it’s easy to pack a few pairs if you’re traveling due to the canvas top. Just push them down and they’re almost flat in your suitcase.
  • Leather slip-on: The most common variety of the leather slip on is the ballet flat. There is not much sole on these, they are made to be super comfortable but not made to take long walks. Perfect to slip on to run to the post office or even outside to your mailbox if you don’t want to go barefoot.
  • Flip-flops: Long regarded as the footwear that was all function and no fashion, the flip-flop has come into its own, with heels and style, metallic colors and leather flip flops options. You can get flip-flops by brands like Sofft shoes that look like dress shoes with buckles on them and made of supple leather. Just make sure your toes look good and you’ve been taking care of your feet, since the flip-flop lets your whole foot hang out for the world to see.

The World’s Best Walking Shoes

The World's Best Walking Shoes

Privo shoes have long been known as the world’s best walking shoes and for good reason; they have a special process where the shoe cushions like no other. This means you can go long distances and your feet won’t be crying at the end of the day. Different types of shoes have different reputations and this one is no different, the special process they use really does produce superior results and a great shoe you will want to wear all the time for the sheer love of comfort.

If you are worried they only have one kind of shoe, do not worry. They have many different types of shoes from dress shoes to boots, making sure no matter what you need to walk in, you can walk comfortably.

It used to be you could only get these shoes if you lived where the physical locations of Privo shoes were located. Now, thanks to the Internet, you can order them online to make sure you are getting the best deal on these great shoes. Even though they are more expensive than many brands of walking shoes, the difference is obvious when you try them on. You will wonder why you didn’t own a pair years ago.

New Balance has always been the defacto when one thinks about quality walking or running shoes. Their whole line of shoes is focused on comfort and the New Balance NB Postal is no exception.

Top Walking Shoes:

The Classic Vans Slip Ons

The Classic Vans Slip Ons

The greatest thing about Vans slip ons is that there is a pair for everyone in the family. Usually, men’s and women’s styles differ drastically, limiting options. Vans has solved the problem by making different styles for everyone that really make a statement. The rebel in you will love them, and the fashionista in you will think they’re trendy and adorable. Talk about a win-win for the whole family.

Even better, Vans has come out with a completely customizable line of slip-on shoes. You can decide what you want on the top of the shoe, the side of the shoe, the back of the shoe. You can even choose the edge coloring to make a one-of-a-kind statement with your shoes that tells the world you like what you like and won’t be swayed by what designers create. The best part is the customized Vans are not terribly expensive, either. You can afford to buy a pair for everyone in the family without worrying about making your next mortgage payment.

Men and their sandals

Men and their sandals

Sandals can be very fashionable and are a very functional type of men’s shoe. So, how do you merge the fashion of sandals like Teva flip flops into your wardrobe without breaking your budget or buying the wrong style? Here are some helpful tips:

  • Make sure you match. Don’t buy that pair of bright blue sandals if you don’t have anything that matches. Consider your wardrobe before making any purchases. Stick with a basic black or brown sandals that will match with most anything in your wardrobe.
  • Pick the right sandals. There are sandals that are mostly shoe with many vents, and there are sandals that have very little shoe to them at all. Pick one that matches your overall comfort level. If you don’t like your toes showing, don’t buy a pair of sandals that shows your toes. There are many great options available. Looking online gives you loads more options to consider than just visiting your local shoe store, and price comparison is much easier too.

Trying to Get Casual?

Trying to Get Casual?

Not every day is a suit day. On these days, you’re going to need some casual and comfortable shoes. Men’s loafers are popular due to their casual comfort and almost business-like style, but there are other casual-footwear options you may not have considered. If you aren’t ready to step out into new footwear territory, just make sure to have a few loafers on hand in case the need arises.

  • Canvas flats are popular for men. More commonly referred to as “Sperry boat shoes,” they have a canvas upper and thick sole. They look like you just came from your beach house and really exude casual confidence. For more selections, you could also check out Vans boat shoes.
  • Walking shoes are a popular option for casual wear, supporting the foot and making your errands less of a pain to run. They can’t be worn into the office, so if you are on call, stick with something a little more businesslike.
  • There are wide arrays of slip-on mock loafers that are comfortable and can be worn with a suit in a pinch. They aren’t dressy shoes, but are about the same level as loafers, you may look a little strange wearing them with a suit, but if you have to go in to work on your company’s designated casual Friday, they’re perfect.

Top Casual Shoes:

Going to the Gym?

Going to the Gym?

If you never miss a workout and make sure to get to the gym no matter what the weather, you need great shoes to keep your knees and other joints in good working order. The goal of gym shoes is to keep you safe and keep your exercise routines pain free. Here are some ways to decide what kind of shoe you need based on your workout.

Cross training combines exercises in order to make sure all the different parts of your body get a workout. For example, if you are a runner increasing your endurance, you are not increasing muscle mass. To compensate for this, a runner may lift weights in order to increase that muscle. Balancing the workout and doing different things is cross training. When you cross train, you need a shoe that is supportive overall but not necessarily made just for a runner or just for a weightlifter.

Considering barefoot training or something similar? Barefoot training is meant to build up your foot muscles instead of over-stabilizing them the way most running and training shoes do. If you are looking to strengthen the muscles in your ankles and feet, consider a brand like Nike Free.

Canvas Flats Mean Affordable Style

Canvas Flats Mean Affordable Style

A popular type of women’s shoe is the canvas flat. They come in many colors and variations, so no matter what your style, you will find a canvas flat that is a perfect match. The most popular brand of canvas flats are from Dexter Shoes and are a great value. That means if you are shopping for new shoes, you may be able to get more than one pair of Dexters for the same price as one pair of a different brand of shoes.

Canvas flats are meant to be fun seasonal shoes that generally don’t last a really long time. However, since the styles change often, these are a type of shoe that are worth buying once a year or even more, especially if you get different patterns that only work with one or two outfits you have in your closet.

Comfort and style are a great combination, and Dexter Shoes has a lock on some of the fastest selling styles. Check out a wide range of canvas flats and find the best prices on Dexter while you’re online. All the styles will certainly match your bank account.

The Casual Range of Hush Puppies Shoes

The Casual Range of Hush Puppies Shoes

When the words “Casual Shoes” are mentioned, what comes into your mind? You will be surprised that different women visualize different types of footwear at the mention of these words. Some see a picture of loafers, sandals and flip-flops; others may imagine sneakers. Still others may envisage a pair of flat ballerinas or boots. Nevertheless, they will all agree to one point- that casual shoes should be very comfortable.

It is very rare that one pair of casual shoes will meet your needs for all occasions. For example, you would need a pair of sneakers for your morning walks or to take the children to the park. However they would look very out of place on the beach, in PTA meets or at a garden party. Thus you would need different types of casual shoes for different occasions. For example, you could use a pair of flip-flops for the beach and a pair of flat sandals, ballerina shoes or a low-heeled pump for a great semi-formal occasion. Or you could use boots to team up with your jeans or sweats for those forest hikes with your dog.

If you are looking for affordable, chic yet comfortable casual shoes, you should check out Hush Puppies shoes. You will be split for choices as there’s something to fit every occasion, and yet the purchase won’t burn a hole in your pocket. For example, if you are short, looking to add inches to your height and yet don’t want to look all dressed up or if you prefer comfy fabric shoes. Similarly you will find an amazing variety of sneakers, boots, ballerina shoes and the other types of casual shoes. The only catch is that you may have a difficult time deciding on which of the many wonderful shoes you want to take home!

How to clean your Suede Flat Boots?

How to clean your Suede Flat Boots?

Suede is all about fashion and style, however, style here comes with a price tag. Suede is both delicate and expensive and thus, it becomes all the more important for you to take good care of your suede flat boots. What should you do to clean and take care of your Suede Flat Boots? Here’s how:

  • Suede must be taken care of on a regular basis to avoid any stains from making your boots their home.
  • Suede is definitely not for wearing in wet weather and in the snow.
  • If you get mud or dirt on your suede flat boots, time is the key. Wait till the dirt or mud tries and then clean it with a dry sponge, cloth or best use a suede brush. Brush your suede flat boots with a suede brush to keep it fluffy and clean.
  • If you however, get some liquid on your shoe, do not rub, blotting is the best way. If the liquid may stain your boots, apply a little water over the spot and blot it. When the area is completely dry, brush it with your suede brush and your boots are back to being new again.

Unlike the misconception, suede footwear do not need extensive care and attention. A little time and effort is all that they need, however, it is important that you do it regularly. Do not leave taking care of a stain or any dirt on your suede flat boots for tomorrow, take care of it today and you would have smart, new shoes to slip on everyday for a long long time to come.

How to Wear Different Women’s Suede Boots

How to Wear Different Women's Suede Boots

Undoubtedly, suede boots are among many women’s favorite winter footwear. But many times after buying a particular pair, we are uncertain about which dress would look appropriate with them. Since women’s suede boots are available in great many shapes, designs and colors, it is difficult to say anything specific. But, a general guideline can help in getting you in the right track and helping you select the right clothes. The rest will follow naturally, with time and experience.

Ankle High Suede Boots:

This type of suede boots looks amazing with casual clothes or formal dresses. You may wear your ankle high suede boots even to work. The ankle high suede boots can be paired with above-knee denim or with jeans and a jacket skirt for a cool, casual look.

If it is black suede ankle boots with a heel (preferably pencil), you might pair it up with your classic little black dress (LBD), which would look simply amazing. You can also consider wearing a strapless knee-length flowing white dress and accessorize it with a striking-looking black belt to match with your suede boots.

Purple suede ankle boots look amazingly gorgeous with proper clothing and accessories. So, if you plan to buy a pair, you may team it up with black tights or figure-hugging jeans along with a beautiful purple top.

When it comes to wearing ankle high suede boots without a heel, you may want to stay away from wearing long skirts or Capri pants. This is because we all need extra height when we are wearing long dresses with flat shoes.

Over the Knee Suede Boots:

These boots can come with laces or with a zipper. Many women prefer the zipper boots because they are easy to put on and off. The over the knee suede boots look cool with shorts or mini skirts as they show off your long and attractive legs to perfection. I personally find Duway skirts quite appropriate with my over the knee suede boots. They can also look good on you and boost up your style quotient. If you want to go simple, you can also think of pairing your suede boots with a good looking top and skinny jeans.

For a chic and attractive look, you could wear your black over the knee suede boots with a neutral-toned strapless above-knee dress with a black blazer. Brown Over the Knee Suede Boots, with or without a heel, are ultra-cool when you pair the boots up with a flowing above-the-knee white skirt or with a short white straight skirt. To balance the look, you may wear a thick brown belt.

Peep Toe Suede Boots: This type of suede boots look great with denim, skinny jeans, figure-hugging pants or tights. They also look ultra-feminine with mini skirts.

Thigh High Suede Boots: You can pair them up with a simple and elegant V-neck dress, a sweater or mini skirts. They would look equally stunning with a pair of tights and ultra feminine jackets or high-waist shorts.

Types of Ecco shoes

Types of Ecco shoes

It has been more than 40 years since Ecco shoes have made its presence felt in the world of premier mens fashion shoes. Marked by unmatched quality, superior technology and unique Scandinavian style, the shoes from Denmark are one of the most trusted brands of the recent time. The whopping 1500 or so variety of choices has also contributed towards making the shoes perfect for every occasion. Be it for sports, business, safari adventure, outdoor activities, enjoying a leisurely walk or simply lounging around, Ecco shoes are the choices of everyone.

For men, Ecco shoes offer four distinct choices – casual shoes, work shoes for men, outdoors shoes and slippers. Those looking for a perfect pair of men’s shoes to wear to the office can pick from sophisticated “Miami” style, which features high-quality calf leather together with antique brushed leather, or the “Montreux” shoes made of soft deerskin. For playing golf, there are the technologically advanced shoes which feature the special Ecco comfort fiber system footbed, quality leather lining and a water-repellent leather outsole. This type of golf shoes are generally considered perfect for protection against sweating. Men’s outdoor Ecco shoes also come with a PU (polyurethane) or latex outsole for optimal shock absorption and Goretex lining for breathability.

When it comes to women, there are five distinct styles to choose from: dress, casual, sandals, boots and slippers. For all-day casual wear, one might opt for quality Ecco shoes which come with leather upper and direct-injected outsole for optimal comfort and support. For dressy occasions, a sleek three-inch heel, such as the “Griffith” style with patent leather uppers and trendy plateau design, could be a great selection. One can also pick the trendy “Guang Zhou” tpe with square-toe pump for office wear. Ecco Red shoes feature a soft leather upper and fashionable lace detail for ultimate comfort and style.

As far as kids’ shoes are concerned, one should go for a pair which comes with lightweight and strong outsole. This type protects the feet with great cushioning, comfort and stability. For boys, it is better to go for a pair that features a soft and comfortable leather upper and Ecco comfort fiber system for all-day comfortable wear.


Shoe spotlight: Converse All-Stars

Shoe spotlight: Converse All-Stars

Converse All-Stars shoes truly are an American classic. Time and time again, these shoes have retained their position as the ambassador of basketball. There are many varieties of Converse shoes. Available varieties include the Converse low-tops and the Converse high tops. You can opt for the black converse to dribble on the court in style or you can wear gold Converse shoes to be the glamorous player of the team.

History: The shoe was popularized by the basketball legend Chuck Taylor. His love for basketball led to the establishment of this company by Marquis M. Converse in 1908. Since then, Converse has promoted sports with innovation in footwear. This innovation caters to the footwear needs of athletes in all age groups. Produced as ‘All-Star’ in 1917, these shoes were later labeled ‘Chucks’ or ‘Cons’.

Style and comfort: All-Star shoes are made of canvas and rubber, which provides optimum comfort for your feet. The shoes are available in designs like the Converse low-tops and high tops. They can be worn as basketball shoes or day-to-day shoes. Converse shoes can be worn while playing other sports too!

Chuck Taylor is not the only one to adopt these as his shoes-of-choice. Stylish designs and colors are available in all models of Converse All-Stars. Opt for the classic all black Converse, or go funky with vibrant hues of gold and silver. There are enough designs and patterns to keep your ‘All-Star’ range from getting boring, and to ensure that you step out in vogue.