Activity Shoe Tips

Whether it’s baseball cleats or dancing shoes, we’ve compiled tips on everything you need to know about different activity shoes. Learn how to get the right fit, keep your shoes clean, and even “how to tie your shoes 101!”

Popular ASICs Sneakers

Popular ASICs Sneakers

The name ASICs is an acronym of the Latin phrase “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano which means “A sound mind in a sound body”. The company was founded by Mr. Kihachiro Onitsuka in Kobe, Japan. True to its name, the company ASICs promotes sports and is well established in the field of at athletic shoes. ASICs has shoe lines for both men and women. There are several shoes designed to meet the needs of specific sports for example football, tennis, martial arts, cricket, golf, wrestling, track and field, cross-training, volleyball, cheerleading, amongst others. The running shoes made by the company have been widely appreciated.

One of the most popular ASICs shoes over the years has been the Asics Mexico 66 design. This shoe was introduced during the Mexico Olympic Games in 1966. It was a great hit and catapulted the company into fame. The presence of two prominent tiger stripes running across the shoes, which is a distinctive feature of the design of ASICs shoes was first introduced in the Mexico 66 design. However, two shoes in which the tiger stripes are not so prominent are the Asics Lawnship Women’s Aftersports and the Onitsuka Tiger Men’s Sneaker.

Another popular ASICs shoe is the Asics Rotation 77, which is essentially a volleyball shoe. However it is a great hit with athletes all over the world. ASICs has several other models which are very popular such as the ASICs Baja Sneaker and the ASICs Sakura Diva. ASICs is improving its product line by the day and thereby increasing its popularity.

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Caring For Your Cleats

Caring For Your Cleats

Sport shoes can be expensive. Here are some tips on caring for your cleants, like these orange softball cleats and football cleats to make them last:

  • Soak new cleats in warm water for 30 minutes.
  • Put them on wet for 30 minutes to mold them (wear them in the shower if possible).
  • Stuff them with newspaper.
  • Apply leather protector and clear shoe polish.
  • After the game, wash with warm, soapy water and stuff with newspaper.
  • Apply shoe polish.
  • Use Cornstarch or odor-reducing powder inside shoes.
  • Only wear cleats on the field. Wearing them on hard surfaces will wear them out sooner.

How To Tie Your Shoes 101

How To Tie Your Shoes 101

Have you seen the latest Nike wrestling shoes? With those, it’s a good thing when coach knows about proper shoe tying. If he or she didn’t, the wrestler might as well be wearing flip flops in thre ring!

It might sound silly, but 75% of people walk around every day with poorly tied shoes. Walking with improperly tied shoes can be hazardous enough; to run or play a sport in them can be downright dangerous.

Properly tied shoe laces are made with a balanced reef knot. A granny knot, which is similar to the reef knot, is likely to come untied when you are running or exercising. A reef knot will sit evenly atop your laces and tighten. A granny knot will loosen. Follow these tips on shoe tying:

  • Pass left shoelace over the right (or reverse).
  • Form a loop with right or left lace.
  • Circle the other lace around the loop you just made (either in front or back), and pull it through.
  • Take the lace in front of the loop to produce a balanced reef knot.
  • Remember: Left over right, tuck under, then right over left, tuck under.

A properly tied reef knot will sit sideways across the shoe. An unbalanced knot (granny knot) will be perpendicular or angled. The next time you’re wearing your favorite pair of sport shoes, think about Kobe and get your knot straight.

Athletic Shoes

Athletic Shoes

When you are looking for athletic shoes, be sure to select the type of shoe specifically designed for your sport. The proper footwear will help keep you from getting injured and maximize your performance. Exercise can affect your entire body: you knees, shins, ankles, back, and hips. If you are wearing the wrong shoes, you could develop pain in any of these areas and be completely unaware that your shoes are causing the problem.

Generic sport shoes will not do for a specialized sport, like tennis. Wilson Tennis Shoes WRS312310 are designed for stops and starts, short sprints, and quick lateral movements. Wearing a running shoe on the tennis court is a good way to get a sprained or broken ankle. Running shoes are built for straight forward impact, not the sharp sideways movements of tennis. Tennis shoes are not good for running since they have a completely different cushion pattern.

If you play multiple sports, you will need shoes for each activity. You may be able to save money by looking for special pricing and discounts online.

Always try on your shoes inside to make sure they fit just right. If you use them outdoors or get them soiled, you may not be able to exchange them for another size or style.

Look for women’s Nike shoes and other popular brands for tennis, running, and other sports on this website.

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Taking Care of Your Feet and Running Shoes

Taking Care of Your Feet and Running Shoes

If running is important to you, enough so that you spend your hard-earned money on pricey lightweight running shoes, take some advice from the experts on foot care and comfort:

  • Avoid tying your shoes too tightly.
  • Be sure your shoes fit properly to stay comfortable and optimize circulation.
  • Wear thick, well insulated socks for protection from the cold.
  • Lightweight, moisture wicking socks work well in dry, warm climates.
  • Thin socks with Lightning Dry or Coolmax technology are good for hot days.
  • In most types of running shoes, thick socks with Micro Acrylic fabrics (or cotton) will absorb and cushion shock.
  • Keep track of mileage and replace your shoes after 350 miles, depending on the shoe.
  • Ease into a routine. Don’t overdo a workout – you may cause an injury.

Take care of your feet. If you have pain, consult your physician before additional physical activity.

How to Get the Right Fit

How to Get the Right Fit

If you are wondering where to look for quality men’s sport shoes, look no further than the New Balance 574 athletic shoes. New Balance offers dozens of styles for every sport imaginable. Buying athletic shoes has never been easier. New Balance now offers a guide to maximize comfort with women’s and men’s athletic shoes. Here are some of their suggestions on fit:

  • Measure your feet later in the afternoon since feet swell during the day.
  • Your heel should fit snugly with no slipping and you should have enough room to wiggle your toes.
  • B is a standard width for women, and D is the standard for men.
  • Women often gain 1/2 a shoe size with pregnancy.
  • Typically, feet get bigger with age. Measure your feet before buying.
  • If you are in between sizes, choose the larger size and wear a thicker sock.
  • New Balance shoes are ready to wear and do not require a break-in period – so order them to fit.

Look for great prices on New Balance athletic shoes on this website.

What to Know About Hiking Boots

What to Know About Hiking Boots

Hiking boots look great and are a must have for anyone who likes the rugged Grizzly Adams look, but outdoor shoes have a functional purpose besides being cute. Here is a helpful guide to choosing hiking boots and hiking shoes:

  • Boots like these fashionable pink hiking boots are designed to be sturdy, comfortable, and keep you from slipping on rocks and rough terrain. They should have adequate padding to protect the soles of your feet and the sides of your feet.
  • Hiking boots should have good ankle support. Tie your laces around the ankles for added support.
  • If there is no danger of poisonous reptiles, insects, or thorns, consider quality hiking shoes for hot, humid, and/or wet hikes.
  • Buy waterproof boots and shoes or use waterproofing spray on them yourself to stay comfortable and protect against blisters.
  • Don’t forget about socks – different thicknesses can affect the way your boots fit and how they feel.

Some people like to use hiking shoes as all-around shoes for travel. Find out more about price and selection on our website.

Skate Shoes

Skate Shoes

If you are into extreme sports like skateboarding, BMX, motorcross, rally racing, and surfing – or if you just like the look – DC skate shoes are the IT item you need in your closet and on your feet. Want to style it like Danny Way, Rob Dyrdek, and Lil Wayne? Be sure to catch the latest online deals to maximize your buck. DC offers style, comfort, and performance to give you everything you need for a day of play.

Osiris Shoes is another popular skate shoes brand that provide comfort and performance, but with a special design. They’re not just for sport – wear them to the park, the mall, or anywhere you go to make your impression.

Look for DC shoes and Osiris shoes in a variety of styles:

  • Skateboarding
  • Snowboarding
  • Winter boots
  • Sandals
  • Fashion shoes
  • Men’s, women’s, and children’s styles

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Dance Shoes and Your Pocket Book

Dance Shoes and Your Pocket Book

Have you spent a fortune on Nike Dance Shoes this year? If you or someone in your family is a dancer, the answer is sure to be yes. Even if you just like to go out on the weekends and trip the light fantastic, you still need to have shoes that look great and keep your feet happy. Don’t spend a fortune at pricey dance shops and mail order catalogs offered by your dance studio – look online for sales and deals on brand names. A good pair of pointe shoes can run you $70 from a retailer, but you can find them on the Internet for as low as $50 – sometimes less. Here is some advice when ordering dance shoes:

  • Be sure your shoes fit well. You do not want to leave any grow room – this could cause injury.
  • For heeled dance shoes, start with a very low heel and gradually work your way into a higher heel to avoid twisting an ankle or slipping.
  • For beginners, a jazz shoe is a safer option than a shoe with a suede sole. Suede is slippery.
  • Pointe shoes should fit like a glove, with no gap at the heel.

For the ballerina in your home, take a look at our website for every size, style and color pointe shoe they could ever want.

Customized Vans Shoes

Customized Vans Shoes

Vans shoes has become a renowned sport shoe brand over the years. The Vans brand was started by Van Doren. He started producing the shoes with the mission of selling them directly to the customers, that is without any intermediaries. Today, these shoes are mostly sold in national chain stores, specialty stores as well as skate and surf shops. Vans shoes can also be found conveniently online on this website.

The brand specializes in skateboarding, snowboarding, motor cross, surfing, baseball, football, umpiring, basketball, soccer, wrestling, boxing, and skydiving shoes. They have also developed a range of women’s and children’s sport shoes. Some of Vans hot products are the Vans Classic Slip Ons and the “Zapato Del Barco” Vans Shoes.

One of the innovations that the Vans brand has effectively launched was their new line of Vans Customs. Here, the customers can design their own shoes by choosing either the Vans “Old Skool” sneakers or the classic Vans slip-ons as the base. Thereafter, they can choose the patterns and colors of their choice for each part of the shoe. These shoes are more expensive than the regular shoes produced by the company but the uniqueness is well worth the extra money. It will usually take three to five weeks to have your Vans Customs made and shipped right to your door.

So the next time you need a pair of athletic shoes, just check out the whole Vans range and you will be pleasantly surprised. They are durable, trendy and designed to withstand the rigors of even the most extreme sports.

Baseball cleats: A necessary part of any baseball uniform

Baseball cleats: A necessary part of any baseball uniform

At its core, baseball is a simple game, a game that’s been played by kids across America in its purest form for generations.

All you need to play is a piece of wood, a ball, a field and of course a couple friends. Whether you’re playing with your neighbors on the street corner or in Wrigley Field, it’s still the same game. Just gather up those meager supplies and you can start playing in minutes.

But if you really want to play baseball then you need more than a ball, a stick and a couple of gloves. You need helmets, baseball cleats, jerseys, hats, flip-up sunglasses, pine tar for the bats and maybe a little eye black if you’re particularly old school like that.

Of those pieces of baseball equipment, the most important thing to have when it comes to performance is baseball cleats.

Due to the sometimes uneven surfaces of a baseball field, it’s imperative to wear the right kind of footwear when you’re trying to run down a fly ball or field a ground ball. The extra traction provided by cleats can effectively aid players as they chase balls all around the field on grass, dirt and sometimes even artificial surfaces.

Baseball cleats are often shorter and wider than their football and soccer counterparts, so if you want to play at the highest level it’s important to get your sport-specific kind of cleat.

This type of equipment is so important because failing to wear the right kind of baseball shoe can lead to poor performance in the form of slippage while trying to make a play, or even worse, injury. Cleats help players plant their feet after ranging to one side or another to corral a ball, and that can often be the difference between safe or out.

So now that you’ve decided you need your own set of cleats there are still many questions left to answer.

First you need to determine the playing surface that you will be playing the majority of your games on, as particular cleats are better for turf than actual grass and vice versa. Then you need to decide if you’d prefer metal or rubber cleats. In general metal cleats will be more effective, but rubber cleats could be better for safety reasons for younger players.

Next you need to pick out the color of your cleats. Some players like wearing cleats that match their uniform and others prefer more of a generic color for their cleats. For example, nike keystone baseball cleats are very popular this season. Once you have made a decision on the color, you can choose to add screw-in spikes to provide additional support, and it’s also advisable to find cleats that you will be comfortable running around a baseball field in.

Of course, players at all levels who wear baseball cleats must understand that they are essentially wearing weapons on their feet if they don’t take care to use their cleats only in a safe manner.

One of the holy unwritten rules in baseball revolves around the fact that players sliding hard into second to break up a double play shall never go spikes first. More than one bench-clearing brawl has been started after such a play, as it’s the type of play that a middle infielder just won’t tolerate.

Even worse is when a player loses his cool for a moment and doesn’t realize the kind of damage his cleats can do.

But so long as players take care to safely slide into second and third base and resist the urge to kick the catcher in the chest, baseball cleats not only are safe but as essential to a baseball uniform as a glove and a bat.

You wouldn’t think about playing ball without the latter two items and neither should you without baseball cleats.