Older Generation Sleepwear Tips

What sleepwear is most comfortable and stylish for people of a certain age? Find out here.

Sleep gowns

Sleep gowns

The different types of sleep gowns you see today come from the traditional nightshirts men and women would wear during the night. The nightshirt was longer then a traditional shirt but shorter then a robe or dress. Men still have the option of wearing a nightshirt, and women too. But these days women have many more options to choose from when it comes to purchasing a sleep gown.



Caftans are usually made of cotton and resemble the shirts worn by men and women of the Mediterranean and Africa. Caftan sleepwear comes in prints and colors, and it be long or short. There are silk, poly-cotton, and cotton caftans which can change how warm your caftan will be. Caftans are a great choice if you’re looking for vibrant sleepwear.



A chemise is a loose-fitting and often sleeveless dress garment that can be made from a range of materials from silk to cotton. A chemise usually stops at the top of the knees or at the top of the thighs.


Another type of nightgown is a peignoir. This is a long, usually sheer garment made with translucent fabrics. The long peignoir is an elegant choice for those who want to feel sexy without giving it all away at once.


There are many styles of nightgowns to choose from. You can go with your plain t-shirt style nightgowns to ballet and bouquet style gowns. There are a number of styles, with some nightgowns featuring feminine flounces and sexy tie-back details.

Pajama sets

Pajama sets

Pajama sets come in many different styles, fabrics, colors, and more. It can be pretty tricky to find something that is right for you and your needs. Are you the type that moves all the time? Do you get hot easily in bed or are you the type who’s always cold? These are the type of questions that will help you sort out what type of pajama set is right for you.

Fidgety sleepers

People who move around in bed a lot need look for pajama sets that have don’t have a lot of material or the material stays close enough to the body that tossing and turning won’t get the material bunched up in odd places, which makes for an uncomfortable sleeping experience. For women, a pajamas short set or short night short can be perfect if you don’t get cold easily. For women who toss and turn and need warmth, a long john or satin pajamas set can be just the thing that you need. Men who toss and turn in bed can purchase boxer pajama sets if they run hot, but if that’s not the case, men can purchase long johns or a fleece pajama set that should help with staying warm and keeping comfortable in bed.

Easy sleepers

For people who can easily sleep through the night without tossing and turning, there are many pajama set variations available to you. If you are a man, try a flannel pant set with a long-sleeved crew shirt or satin pajama set. For women, try a ballet or a classy and classic peignoir.

Warm sleepwear

Warm sleepwear

When it comes to warm sleepwear, finding sleep pieces made with wool, polar fleece, or cashmere is your best bet to staying toasty and comfortable. It’s easier to find stripe sleep pajamas than wool sleepwear but if you crave wool there are a couple of ways of getting it.

The easiest way to get a wool sleepwear piece in your sleepwear collection is to find flannel made of wool or get long johns made of wool. And due to recent discoveries in textile science, it may become even easier to find more wool sleepwear pieces. Easy Care wool fabric, a new wool fabric, is being used to create cold weather clothes, suits, sleepwear, and more. The choice of selections is small at the moment but the amount of things made with Easy Care fabric is expected to grow.

Polar fleece sleepwear is the favorite choice for many because of its affordability, softness, and warmth, and because of the multiple sleepwear clothes that have fleece in them. Fleece can be found in nightgowns, robes, loungers, and pajamas bottoms and tops. Although fleece is great for warmth, if not treated by flame retardant, fleece is highly flammable; more so than wool.

Another choice is to find sleepwear made of cashmere. Cashmere wool allows the body to retain more heat but is harder to clean and usually more expensive than other fabrics. It’s easiest to find pajamas and robes made of cashmere.

Sleepwear for older women

Sleepwear for older women

As a woman becomes older, she often decides to eschew clothing that is uncomfortable or complicated. Simplicity and comfort become ideal but that doesn’t mean fashion takes a backseat. Sleepwear fashion for older women is full of prints, pastels, satins, cotton, and more. The hardest thing is choosing something that’s right for comfort needs and fashion taste.

A great choice for the older woman who craves elegance is a gown. Ballet and bouquet gowns offer the most choice when it comes to style and sophistication. Gowns labeled long or short tend to be more plain. What’s great about gowns is that most are made with cotton. Haband moonbeams nightgowns offer more comfort with its nice satin bows and delicate lacy trim.

Another great, sophisticated choice is a monogrammed pajama set. Monogram with initials, a last name, or even a pet name.

If you are looking for something exotic, try a caftan. Caftans are usually made of cotton and resemble the shirts worn by men and women of the Mediterranean and Africa. In American sleepwear, caftans come in prints, colors, long, and short. Caftans also vary in warmth because they are made in a variety of fabrics, from satin to poly-cotton blends. Caftans are a great choice if one is looking for vibrant sleepwear.

Sleepwear for older men

Sleepwear for older men

As we get older, the quicker we will want to slip into something that is comfortable. That means no zippers and tight-fitting. The best and easiest sleepwear pieces have front closure zippers, comfortable elastic waistbands, drawstring ties, snaps and more. However more comfort doesn’t mean less style. When looking for sleepwear that is comfortable and fashionable, men a a few options to choose from.

A flannel pajama set is ideal when it comes to comfort and style. Flannel pajama sets also have the added advantage of being made with cotton or wool fabric. If you are in a climate that doesn’t get too cold then a cotton flannel set is the best choice. If you are habitually cold or in a cold climate then wool pajamas are best.

If you are taken to getting chills, considering getting a long-sleeve shirt to go with those flannel pajamas. If you feel adventurous or into saving the environment, then try bamboo sleepwear. The bamboo plant has natural anti-bacterial and and anti-fungal qualities that are not lost when the plant is turned into clothing. These qualities keep bamboo from holding odors like some fabrics do.


For something a bit more stylish, go for a pajama set made of satin or nylon tricot material. These materials usually ultra-soft and add a touch of class to your nighttime routine. If you want to go the extra mile, monogram your initials or your last name on your fancy new pajamas.