Tips on Picking the Right Winter Coat

Your winter coat will be essential during those frigid months, and you want to be sure you pick the right coat for your style. We’ve compiled tips on how to pick the right coat – from suede coats to fur coats, flannel jackets to wool coats, leather jackets to corduroy jackets, and more, read on to find everything you need to know about picking that perfect winter coat!

Picking the right eco-friendly winter accessories

Picking the right eco-friendly winter accessories

Eco-friendly accessories are new ways to spruce up the winter style without feeling guilty. With the arrival of new technology and crafting ideas, wearing such winter accessories have become vogue and being responsible. Talented designers are striving to create accessories that are not only trendy and comfortable, but wouldn’t be a burden to our hospitable planet. So as long as you choose the right accessories made of right stuff, stepping out in winter would be enjoyable and fashionable.

Below are some useful tips to help you select the right eco-friendly winter accessories

  • Eco-Friendly Winter Hats: To protect the head and ears of your tiny tots, eco-friendly organic fleece winter hats can be very effective. Such winter hats can also offer organic cotton as its inner lining, without or with ties to keep the hat in place.
  • Organic merino wool hats can be very comfortable as well as fashionable with different casual winter clothing such as snug-fitted jeans and jackets. For added winter protection, you can select from organic merino wool hats with ear flaps. Various colors and designs are available for adults.
  • Eco-Friendly Winter Mittens: If you are planning to buy eco-friendly winter mittens, you may try those which are made of organic merino wool, organic hemp, even salvaged fabric and reclaimed clothing. Apart from being colorful, attractive and cost effective, they can make real comfortable winter accessories.
  • Eco-Friendly Winter Socks: One can also find recycled socks suitable for winter. Normally such socks are made of organic wool or recycled polyester and are available for both men and women in various attractive looks.
  • Eco-Friendly Winter Sneakers/Shoes: For those who are looking for stylish and eco-friendly winter sneakers, hemp eco sneakers or shoes can satisfy their needs. Various attractive options are available in organic hemp. Hemp is an extremely light fabric known for its fantastic thermal property, strength, breathability. The other option is suede eco sneakers or those made of recycled PET, known as polyethyleneterephthalate (obtained from recycling old plastic bottles).
  • Eco Friendly Hemp Handbag: For those pretty ladies, who are waiting to make a stylish fashion statement with a ‘green’ conscience, can opt for eco-friendly hemp handbag. Options are also available in recycled leather.

Picking the right eco-friendly leather outerwear

Picking the right eco-friendly leather outerwear

Tanners generally use chrome and such other heavy metals as common tanning techniques to change the perishable raw hides into long-lasting leather outerwear. Needless to say, using such technique not only pollutes our air and water, using animal skin endangers the lives of animals as well. Adopting eco-friendly leather outerwear is not only a cleaner but is also a much cost-effective alternative to genuine leather outerwear.

Some of the useful tips to select the right eco-friendly leather outerwear are:

You could get eco-friendly jackets made of various recycled products such as cotton, PVC and such other constructions to strut down the street in style. Such eco-friendly jackets, such as a cotton slub hoodie are available for both men and women.

As a greener alternative to PVC-made outerwear that contains chlorine and emits carcinogenic dioxin after it is incinerated, you can opt for polyurethane faux leather jacket or coat as outerwear which are biodegradable. This type of outerwear is perfect for faux fur fashionistas looking to jazz up their wardrobe with eco-friendly clothing.

While selecting eco-friendly leather outerwear, consider investing on quality clothing that would last longer and wouldn’t be out of fashion for a long time. For this, you could stick to neutral solid colors like dark navy blue, black, white or cream and stay away from brighter colors.

Finally, you would like to check the construction

Picking a corduroy jacket for the fall

Picking a corduroy jacket for the fall

You might think wearing a corduroy jacket is a serious business, could make you look formal and boring. But if you select the right jacket, it could exude a different impression altogether. The right selection can transform you into a sophisticated, supremely male and mature look; highly effective if you want to create a good impression. The cold-weather corduroy coat is made of fabrics specially knitted into vertical ridges known as ‘wales’ to give extra thickness and durability.

Below are some useful tips to help you select the right corduroy jacket for fall:

While selecting corduroy jacket, make sure that the shirt cuff should not cover your hand completely as it could look inappropriate. The shirt cuff could be half an inch longer as compared to the jacket sleeve and should reach up to the base of your thumb.

It is better to take appropriate measurement of your body before going for shopping. To avoid gathering up of the jacket at the back, avoid wearing tight jacket.

Since corduroy jacket is a winter wear, you would like to ensure that its shoulders have enough room to include layers of clothing inside. Those who have extra broad shoulders would need extra room to fit into the jacket and inner clothing.

For contemporary men a corduroy shirt jacket could be a great styling option for outdoor activities. Quality corduroy shirt jackets offer classic twist with a youthful flavor.

Nothing can be cozier than the quilted corduroy jacket . So, those of you who need extra comfort from chilling cold and yet want to appear fashionable, the quilted corduroy could be your best bet.

Picking the right leather jacket

Picking the right leather jacket

Classic leather jackets and coats are universal favorite, but their hefty price tag is a big deterrent to many. Assuming that they are taken proper care and are stored in good condition, leather jackets and coats look and fit better with the passage of time. Moreover, wearing the right leather jacket or leather coat reflects the rich taste and enhances the sex appeal of the wearer.

Below are some useful tips for selecting the right leather jackets and coats, such as mens brown leather coats:

  • A quality leather jacket or coat can last for many years. If pocket permits, it is always better to go for a classic-style leather jacket or coat that has a timeless appeal.
  • american eagle bomber jacket usually come in lambskin. For more durability, sometimes cow skin or buff leather are also used.
  • For selecting jackets and coats, black is the most preferred color, closely followed by brown. But many prefer experimenting with other colors such as beige, ash, charcoal, navy, red, etc for a sporty look.
  • Although medium-length leather coats and jackets offer great versatility, for a casual wear, you might also opt for a maxi coat or a classic bomber or zip-up jacket depending on your taste and lifestyle.
  • While buying leather jackets and coats, you would like to pay extra attention to the seam. The seams should be tough enough to withstand long use of the jacket. The shoulder seams should fall exactly over your shoulder edge for a better fit. You could also check your pocket lining as they are prone to maximum wear and tear.
  • To appear long and slender, selecting a longer hooded leather bomber or jacket could be a good idea. Front button plackets and zipper could also make you look longer.
  • With the coming of winter, selecting a king-size leather coat (up to the knee) can give better weather protection than a short coat or jacket. You can also consider looking for coats with back belt and button details for a slender fit. If it comes with a high neck or hood, it would give an extra protection to the bikers.
  • While selecting winter leather jacket or coat, you may want to look for one size bigger jacket than your usual jacket size. This would allow you free movement without the binding of layers at your neck and shoulders.
  • For casual elegance, you can opt for coats featuring a more peacoat cut with a longer drape. This type of leather coat could be just right for weekend wear or semi-casual office setting.
  • Depending on your taste, you can also opt for trendy distressed, embossed or waxed leather jackets and coats. Various attractive options are also available in nubuck and suede leather coats and jackets.

Picking the right wool coats

Picking the right wool coats

Wool is the warmest natural fibers. The coats which are made from wool are typical winter coats which offer soft, luxurious comfort to both men and women. The wool coats come in a variety of colors, styles and fabrics to suit every taste and style. The coats can be a peacoat, a barbour pub jacket or be of single breasted or double breasted design.

Before investing in wool coats, you may like to give some thoughts to the following factors

    • How cold is the winter in your locality?
    • The type of wool coat you want to buy – a thin wool coat or a thick one.
    • How long you want your coat to last?
    • How much you are willing to spend on your coat?

Size of the coat is an important factor. A woolen coat would be comfortable and stylish only when you select the right size. Otherwise, a little bit tight or loose can affect the look and feel of your wool coat. Before investing on costly wool coats, you may want to take the right measurement of your body. Normally, this should include the size of your chest, shoulder, waist, neck, sleeves and inseam.

If you are looking only for warmth and comfort, any thick wool overcoat or particularly, a pea coat would be just appropriate for your need. Check the coat for even and solid stitch and quality woven fabric.

If you are planning to wear the wool coat for pleasant summer evenings, obviously you wouldn’t go for thick wool coat. Much thin wool coats are known to take the style quotient up a notch as they flatter the figure of the wearer quite well. Cashmere wool coat or silk- wool coat can offer you a lot of fantastic styling options.

For professionals, a blazer or a stylish slim-lined long wool coat would be just right. If you are going to wear your wool coat over your business suit, make sure that your wool coat fits well with it.

Picking the right flannel jackets for men

Picking the right flannel jackets for men

Flannel jackets are made of heaviest non-tweed cottons and wools. This type of jacket is generally not suitable in most office environments as you may feel hot after some time. But thermal lined flannel jackets make ideal outdoor jackets during chilly fall and winter weather when temperature drops few degrees below normal. Since the jackets are made of durable wool they can last for a long time, with appropriate care. Charcoal gray men’s flannel jackets with classic pinstripes are mostly preferred, though now-a-days there are many attractive options available for men in plaid flannel jacket, lined flannel jackets, etc.

Here are some tips to keep in mind

  • Flannel jackets that come with quality shoulder pads provide smart and natural fit.
  • Since flannel jackets are made from the heaviest wool or cotton, they may appear quite bulky. To prevent this, you may consider lightweight flannel jackets.
  • For comfortable fit across your stomach, you can consider selecting flannel jackets that come with 3-4 buttons. You can also choose jackets with fitted waistline.
  • Also check that the length of the sleeves fit you. If they are long, they could cover your shirt cuff. You would want your jacket sleeves to reveal a half or an inch of your shirt cuffs. For the right fit, check that the jacket sleeves reach up to the base of your thumbs.
  • When you look for flannel jackets you may want to consider jackets with split collar and soft lapels for more attractive look.
  • For protection against cold, you can opt for high-neck or a hooded flannel jacket. Even front lapels can provide some degree of protection against cold during winter when you turn them up.
  • For best practice, you could take correct measurement of your shoulders, chest, neck, sleeves, waist and inseam before going out for shopping. This would help you to avoid any potential problem.

Picking the right fur coat

Picking the right fur coat

Fur coats add to the elegance and beauty of a woman. They drape the body of a woman so perfectly that this makes them one of the most sought after coats. For many living in extremely cold winter climates, fur coats are the only option to provide the warmth needed. Quality fur coats can be passed down to the next generation (provided they are taken proper care) and for the obvious reason are quite costly. It is therefore important to pick the right coat. But before choosing a fur coat, it is important to keep some important points in mind.

To help you select the right fur coat, below are some useful tips that you could use:

    • Reason for Your Purchase: Before zeroing on a fur coat, you may want to reach a decision regarding your reason for buying a fur coat. Is it to make a fashion statement or are you genuinely interested in a quality fur coat that would last for many years? If keeping with the trend is your sole purpose, then you can focus on fashionable fur coats that come in attractive cuts and colors. This type of trendy coats is generally not pricy as compared to quality fur coats unless you are looking for designer fur coats.
    • Price of the Fur Coat: Once you decide the reason to buy a fur coat, the very next thing that would occupy your mind is how much you are willing to spend on your coat. Though quality fur coats could come with a hefty price tag, you can pretty easily find a coat of your choice in a far lesser price tag. A Mink fur coat could be out of reach for you, but that does not mean that you cannot get the similar color and design in beaver coats.
    • The Type of Fur Used: Trendy fur coats generally are fox fur coats, rabbit fur coats and sable fur coats. Coyote and wolf coats are known for their warmth and durability. But if budget is not the main constraint, you can also look for quality mink coats for their outstanding versatility and luxurious sophistication apart from durability.
    • Length of the Fur Coat: Length is an important factor to consider when you are buying a fur coat. While a full-length fur coat is ideal for formal wear, it is practical to choose a shorter and close-fitting fur coat if you are planning to use it for outdoor activities. Somewhere in the middle are the three-quarter length coats which are good for both formal and casual occasions.

You may also want to consider purchasing Fur coats for men, as they provide adequate protection from the elements whilst creating a professional appearance.

How to pick out a suede coat

How to pick out a suede coat

Designer winter coats or jackets for women come in a variety of designs, colors and materials. When they are appropriately selected, they add to the style and elegance of a woman. That’s why when you invest on designer winter coats or jackets, such as a costly suede jacket or a suede coat , make sure it goes with many of your outfits.

Tips to Pick Suede Jackets and Coats

  • You can choose your suede jacket or coats in various attractive shades – chocolate, dark red, blue, pink green, pumpkin, black, etc.
  • When you select a suede jacket or a suede coat, you would like to wear it during the day time as well as in the evening. You would also like to pay attention to its seam. The seams should lightly fall along your curves without appearing clinging.
  • If you want to appear slender, then look for suede jackets or coats that have contrasting pick stitching detail at their seams and the lapels. In fact, if the suede jacket comes with a V-neck collar, then contrasting stitch detailing at the lapels could make your waist look slender than it is. Diagonal front welt pockets also add to the illusion of a slender waist.
  • Suede jackets with tassel detail are much in demand with girls these days for their contemporary and flirty style. If you have a particular fascination for this type of jacket, you might look for glossy suede jackets with removable tassel detail. That way, you could wear your suede jacket differently – with or without tassels.